May 5, 2008

Color Club Flower Power Collection Neon Swatches

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This isn’t the entire Flower Power Collection – these swatches are just the colors that are going to be available in the 7-pack that Color Club released recently. The collection in its entirety includes just about every neon shade you can possibly imagine. The entire collection is really amazing. Not included here but worthy of mention from this collection are Wild Child, Blue Light, 220 Volts, and Bizerk Turq. Check them out if you haven’t already. All these swatches are 2 coats of color and 1 coat of Color Club Vivid Color Intensifying Top Coat. Vivid is a really great top coat to use for matte drying neons. It really brings the color to life.

Limelight is a really vibrant neon green. I usually have a hard time with the application of neons, especially greens, but this applied really smooth. It’s tough to capture neon colors on film so none of these pictures do these colors any justice. I *love* this green.

LOVE Orange Revenge – it’s perfect. The neon collection has two other great shades of orange but Orange Revenge is the most vibrant and unique. Orange polish is definitely really trendy right now so if you’re in the market for a neon orange, this is an excellent (and inexpensive) one to pick up.

Power Play is one of the more popular shades from the Flower Power Collection. This picture isn’t the best depiction of the color – it’s more hot purple in real life. It’s a really beautiful color, not subtle but not the flashiest of the bunch either. It’s a good compromise for people who want to try neons.

This is my current NOTD – it’s gorgeous in all its neon flashiness. It pulls a little towards orange as opposed to a true fuchsia, but it’s still really great. I know a lot of people feel that this color is too much for tips… I don’t agree… but you can’t argue with taste. I double dare you to wear it on your tips but if you really just can’t do it, try it as a pedi.

The Flower Power Collection has several excellent pinks. I plan to do a side by side comparison of all of them soon. Pink Lust reminds me a bit of the pinks from OPI Indian Collection with just a little more zing.

Lazer Pink is my favorite pink from this collection. It’s a classic neon Barbie Pink. Alas… there is a difference in color batches a la the OPI Bubble Bath fiasco. I have two bottles of Lazer Pink. One is brighter than the other, but both are very pretty. I’ll post the comparison when I compare the pinks.

This collection is available at both Head2Toe and 8ty8.

Special thanks to Color Club.



  1. Ponchy said,

    You make everything you put on look so good! Great pics as usual:-)

  2. pretear said,

    : ) Thank you.

  3. Ana said,

    Hi, your pics and the colors are all very bright and lovely, but for me nothing can compare to the beauty of Power Play, JUST the tone of hot purple I realized I have been looking for ages…Unfortunately, I can not find that brand of nail polish here in the UK :(…Do you think you could recommend an OPI shade the closest possible to Power Play? That would be just as fantastic as the color…Thank you very much (P.S.: I love this blog).

  4. pretear said,


    Ah I wish I could point you in the right direction as far as OPI but I’m pretty sure there are no colors in OPI’s line that are similar to Power Play. From my collection, Zoya Juicy and New York Summer Super Violet look really close to Power Play in the bottle. I can do a comparison soon, until then… have you tried ordering from 8ty8 or H2T? From what I understand their shipping is fairly reasonable to Europe. The downside is that to make the order + shipping worth it, you have to order A LOT of polish… well I mean, that’s not really a downside. ; )

  5. Ana said,

    Booo, I can’t believe OPI hasn’t decided to make a shade so beautiful as Power Play…I’ll check those pages you recommended me anyway…But I think I’ll have to wait a while until I get a list big enough to make the shipment cost worthwhile :(
    Thank you very much for such a quick response.

  6. Tabe-chan said,

    Hey there, all lovely colours. I was wondering if there was a reason why you dont put the nail polish all the way upto your cuticles?

  7. pretear said,

    There’s no real reason, it’s just a style choice. It’s something I picked up on MUA, it makes it easier to apply the polish without having to do clean up. : )

  8. Tabe-chan said,

    Ohhh ok, makes sense. Thankyou n_n

  9. […] Neon colors are everywhere, from the OPEN signs at your favorite grocery store all the way to nail polish and other kinds of makeup. This year’s Spring lines by many designers featured bold, neon […]

  10. Carla G said,

    Hi there! I’m a bit overwhelmed with all the neons at the moment!! I’m gonna limit myself to 12! Which would you recommend from China Glaze, Color Club & OPI? Thanks :-)

  11. pretear said,

    Hey Carla : ) OPI doesn’t really have any neons out right now. Both China Glaze and Color Club have excellent neon lines, although they don’t carry the same colors. I recommend CC for neon pinks and CG for neon reds and oranges. : P Both have very very neon greens if you want to get really brave. : ) Hope that helps.

  12. totalrandom said,

    you can try to contact Color Club on their website, there’s locate UK distributors out there, i’m sure that will help you find your interest

  13. elmo said,

    love it

  14. Colour Club is now available in the UK and all the neons are in stock. Email me on

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