May 9, 2008

Can Grey Nail Polish Be Appropriate for Work?

Posted in Creme, Gray, OPI tagged at 5:36 pm by pretear

As always, I think this depends on what kind of job you have and how flexible towards fashion your job happens to be. Another consideration is whether a color is socially acceptable. I suppose, when it comes to professional-looking nail polish, there are two schools of thought. The first, I call the Essie school. The Essie school of thought holds that only nude, natural, neutral, or light pink is appropriate for work. The other, Vampy School holds that darks are also fine for work as long as the colors are not overly outrageous (dark browns, reds, plums would be ok whereas bright purple or black would not be) and the mani is clean and professional looking. For the most part, I belong to the Vampy school. Even so, I think grey is a new enough color trend that it might still strike some people as being bizarre. I’ve heard a lot of people compare it to having corpse-like nails, etc. I probably wouldn’t wear any of the dark greys to work. However, light greys like OPI Moon Over Mumbai (pictured to the left) or the similar Essie Body Language are very professional and sleek looking. Both should be acceptable for most work environments.

What do you guys think? Is grey a go or no go at work?

(As a side note: It’s sad but starting next week, because of my internship, I’ll be wearing very conservative polishes for the rest of summer, weekends excluded. So Expect to see a lot of work related nail polish articles and comparisons of work friendly colors. T_T Boooo.)



  1. Scrangie said,

    I think it’s definitely work appropriate, as long as it’s clean and maintained well.

    But, then again, I worked in a professional setting and always wore neon green, black, silver glitter, et cetera… Maybe it just depends on the general climate of the office?

  2. pretear said,

    Yea it definitely depends. I’m going to see how far I can push it within reason at the SAO. ; )

  3. watcher said,

    Sorry to hear you’re sad, but I look forward to the “work friendly” polish articles because I work in conservative professional environment and I’ve recently started wearing polish. As for the colour grey, I think it depends on what grey you choose, on your skin tone, your wardrobe colours and style, and your specific work environment.

    I’ve recently worn OPI Yogata blue on my (small) toenails with professional brown trousersuits and “conservative” open toe shoes. Frankly, it looked really good with my weekday office suiting and my weekend funky green sandals. It’s a beautiful deep blue that you can dress up or down. Grey is not a good colour for me, but I bet there are some versatile greys out there.

  4. pretear said,

    That’s awesome! Blue, I think, pushes the envelope in most office environments so I’m glad to hear that you could make it work… gives me hope for this summer. : )

  5. watcher said,

    pretear, I agree that blue pushes the envelope in most offices. I looked at alot of blues. I wouldn’t have been able to wear any other that I saw: too shimmery or outright frost, funky undertones, too bright, too shiny, too mod. Also, I wouldn’t have done my fingernails in blue. Just my small toenails, for little slivers of colour, at some distance from most eyes.

  6. Sanna said,

    You have gorgeous nails! *love*
    yeah, I definitely think it depends on what kind of work you have etc.

  7. […] dipping into my professional-looking nail polish colors. However, we were discussing here last week whether gray nail polish can be acceptable in a professional environment – I decided to test my hypothesis. I wore Body Language today to court. First, no one cared about […]

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