May 27, 2008

New York Times: Ok, Really – Just Never Report On Nail Polish EVER AGAIN

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The second dumbest nail polish related article I’ve ever read in my entire life was published on New York Times Online recently. (the first dumbest was the article about how you should get rid of your nail polish to clear clutter… uh? yea… I’m not even going to bother to address that article because that’s just plain ridiculous.)

I meant to write about this the day the article was published but life gets in the way of blogging. So here it is, albeit a bit late, my rant on the lameness of this article:

At first, the article was so ridiculous to me that I thought it might have been satirical or tongue-in-cheek, but sadly, I think the article is actually being serious. It’s not the actual chipping that bothers me, it’s the attitude of the self important people quoted and discussed in the article. One of my nail polish philosophies is that you should wear polish however the hell you want, whenever the hell you want. So if you don’t mind having chipped polish, cool. If you follow trends, cool. If you only wear pink and red, freaking cool – as long as *you* like it, more power to you. This article attempted to explain that in modern America liberated women can choose to care about nails or not care at all, either way garnering acceptance. Great message, but the article managed to miss that boat completely and instead captured a snap shot of everything that is wrong with our society. (Sorry, NY Times but Lindsay Lohan and co. will never be good feminist role models regardless of how liberating their chipped nail polish may be.)

Apparently, ultra-wealthy people/chic people are too cool or too busy to have nice nails (you know cause shopping, partying, and grooming is really time consuming), so their chipped gross nail polish, plus $5,000 bag and shoes, stand symbolically of how much better than you these people happen to be. All the people interviewed in the article say things like, “oh well ugh I just don’t care.” The article treated “not caring” as being synonymous with being, like, totally super cool and, like, totally awesome. I ask, if you really don’t care then why even wear nail polish. More importantly, if you REALLY “don’t care” about your appearance, why spend thousands on expensive clothing, accessories, and grooming sans nail care? The girls on the nail board echoed my view as well, the girls summarized the article as basically standing for the proposition that “if you’re rich, young, and pretty, you can do whatever you want and it’s going to be interpreted as ‘cool’.” Like I’ve said, you can do whatever you want with your nails as far as I’m concerned, but I’m definitely not going to follow a trend I don’t like just because some celebutant is doing it. Sorry, but I think most socialites/celebutants are undeserving worthless dead weight, drains on culture and society, and I’m not giving them any brownie points for not “wanting to be perfect” or being too busy/too cool/too important to care about their nails. I hope no one was unduly influenced by that article.

Final note: The most annoying thing about this article is that the author got the likes of Ji Baek and Deborah Lippmann to weigh in on the trend with their toooootalllly unbiased opinions… um really? The owners of two of the most expensive polish lines on earth think it’s okay for socialites to have chipped nail polish. Kill. me. now. please.



  1. Katherine said,

    Ha! I completely agree!! The tone was so condescending. But I wonder abuot your rating as the second most stupid nail polish article – did you read the “good wife scorecard” from the 1930s that gave demerit points to a woman who wore red nail polish?? That one’s gotta rank up there! :D

  2. pretear said,

    Yea, saw that one and ranked it #3. lol

  3. Love8Brain said,

    I’m really late commenting here, but I could not have said this better. If Lippmann and little Miss RBL said that it’s great to have chipped nails, I have truly lost respect for them! I suppose that was just to help them market their product? Peer pressure maybe?

    To me, a beautifully done mani shows me that a woman cares about the details of her appearance. It really has been shown that first impressions are 90% VISUAL, and then something like 8% based on how your voice sounds. Not even waht you say. (Info from amazing book; “Survival Of The Prettiest.”)

    In Los Angeles, which I would consider the most looks conscious City in the World, there are thousands of mani-pedi places in every single mini mall. Learning to take care of your own nails is a coping mechanism that Miss RBL was supposed to be all for in her book according to Scrangie. To me chipped nails say, “Bad grooming.” In fact I JUST had an encounter with a girl who had a WAY too expensive for her age (Her grandmother bought it for her) bag and a chipped mani and my thought was very specifically, “Dirty, Icky, Low-Self Esteem. Not understanding that how you appear matters. And no handbag will overcome that.”

    Monologue over. If I ever have a chip in my mani, people ask me if I am OK with trenendous CONCERN in their voices! (and they should!)

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