May 29, 2008

Strange Nail Polish Advertisements

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Some nail polish brands like OPI have consistently excellent marketing and advertisements. OPI ads always have one classy very beautiful model with very well manicured visible nails – simple and chic.

Then… some… brands… well I just don’t know.

Polish Addict’s Exhibit 1: CND Plexi Pop Collection.

I don’t get this advertisement. Actually, I don’t get this entire collection. What exactly is a plexi? Do they mean plexi as in ‘plexi glass’? Is it called plexi pop because it’s like colored glass? If that’s the concept… then what’s up with the Jetsons styled model? Does plexi glass relate in some way to bad futuristic make up and hair? This promotional image doesn’t make me want to buy nail polish. It makes me bitter that it’s 2008 and we still don’t have flying cars.

Exhibit 2: Orly Love Collection

Plexi pop is a failed marketing concept but it was a good try. The ad for the Orly Love Collection, on the other hand, is an example of how some people are just plain bad at their jobs. I’m not a make-up girl, so I’m not really qualified to pass judgment, but really, this model looks hideous. Did it really not occur to anyone at any step in the creation of this abomination that this make-up is ugly? I mean… first the make up artist, the photographer, the lighting person, the set designer, the person who edited the image… the execs who agreed that this image was THE ONE for this ad – is it really possible that, no one, n-o o-n-e along the way was like, “hey Bob, you know, maybe… maybe we shouldn’t use this ad. This girl… she doesn’t really look like she’s in love, unless being in love makes you look like you’re dying of hypothermia.” Take my criticism with a grain of salt because, like I said, make up isn’t my beat. I do know nails though, and I don’t like the nails in this ad either. They just look bad. The color looks fine but the shape and curvature of the nail bed is unattractive and weird. Get. A. Hand. Model. Orly, c’mon, you can do better.

And finally, Exhibit #3.

I lol every time I see the We Adorn You ad. I don’t want to give China Glaze a hard time because usually they have excellent promotional images. This ad is definitely an aberration, but wow, when advertising goes wrong, it really goes wrong. I get the concept here. “We Adorn You”, so we need an image of pampered, well-groomed women in China Glaze nail polish – ok, solid up to that point. The wrong turn occurred when China Glaze decided it would be a good idea to hire a porn industry hair and make-up artist for this shoot. I mean no offense to these three models, they’re beautiful, but this ad looks like it could be interchangeable with a softcore porn video cover or something else equally cheesy. I actually have a sneaking suspicion that China Glaze might have recycled a harlequin romance novel cover for use in this ad. The story was about 3 concubines that ran away together from an evil King’s harem. This is the cropped version of the image. The full image includes Fabio, ripped shirt, hair blowing in the wind.



  1. Scrangie said,

    LMAO I love it! I thought the same thing about the China Glaze ad… It looks way too porny for me, lol.

    I was thinking to myself the other day that the Orly model looked kinda like a corpse… But then again, I watch entirely too much CSI…. XD

  2. Lotta said,

    You’re so funny!! I love your blog //Lotta from Sweden

  3. Brookiebaby0506 said,

    I never really paid attention to the ad’s, but now that you pointed them out – they are quite strange! LOL

  4. pretear said,

    You know what’s really funny, my mom and I were at CVS today and we happened upon the Orly Love Collection display and she says – “wow this model is SO beautiful.” So I saw “Geez Mom, seriously, I just wrote an article about how horrible this model looks in this ad.” She says, “HOW COULD YOU!” lol. I guess it’s all in the eye of the beholder, though, my mom conceded that the nails were ugly.

  5. Sminkan said,

    I haven’t laughed this hard in ages! Thank you! And I totally agree on every point!

  6. beloml said,

    Too funny! I’ve never understood the ads for Physicians’ Formula, either.

  7. Sara said,

    Ha ha ha! :D

  8. Jennyfur said,

    I have to agree that the makeup in both the Creative Nail Design and Orly are especially bad — especially the one for Orly, because the makeup colors chosen are especially bad. It looks like they’re trying to mimic the color on the rose on the model’s skin, but it doesn’t look good paired with the orange-y bronze shadow and bad lighting. I’m also not digging the metallic shimmer on her cheeks, either. Quite frankly, if I were the artist for that ad I would be using fleshier, warmer pinks for this particular model, and I would keep the cheeks matte with lips that are only touched with a hint of dew — I would probably use the pink that they used in this ad as a delicate highlight.

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