June 9, 2008

Zoya Summer Sale: Gossip Collection For Free

Posted in Zoya tagged at 4:09 pm by pretear

I know what you guys are thinking – The Polish Addict is hocking Zoya now? Well, sort of. Zoya contacted me about my dissatisfaction with their products. For that applaud them, that’s really excellent customer service. I decided to give them the benefit of a doubt and give their products a second shot, this time following their instructions and using their color lock system. So watch for that article in the very near future as well as one reviewing the colors from the Gossip Collection. Anyway, enough about me, here’s the info for the promotional offer since I know most of you don’t share my disdain for Zoya polishes.

Until tomorrow, June 10th, you can get a free sampler of the Gossip Collection, which includes 6 full size bottles of their polish, when you purchase the Zoya Color Luck System Try Me Kit. Enter the code SUMMER into the code box in the shopping cart and hit the update button.



  1. Jessica said,

    im looking forward to this post then… i just think you have the best taste, if you told me not to buy, i’d stay away!!

  2. pretear said,

    That’s the best compliment ever. <3 : )

  3. Scrangie said,

    I’ll admit, I ordered mine as soon as I got the email. I think it was something about the word FREE in big letters. *sigh* Oh well, I love Zoya to begin with, but they do give great gifts :)

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