June 16, 2008

Zoya Gossip Collection Swatches

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I know Scrangie has already done swatches and comparisons of these but here’s my take on them.

The application was excellent on all of these. This collection didn’t have any 4 coaters (hallelujah). My sole complaint is a superficial one: I absolutely loathe that this collection was named after the ultra-wealthy rabble from yet another reality tv show that glorifies being worthless and vapid. (No offense to the people who like the show.) Regardless, the colors are very pretty and within the spectrum of this summer’s trend palette. Also, I must say that this collection is very well arranged; all these colors look like they belong together. I really appreciate when companies put thought into color arrangement – a collection is not a collection in the absence of a common theme or connection that relates the colors to one another.

Zoya Audrina is a pinkish purple borderline neon. This is 2 coats, it applied really well. This swatch was taken with a coat of Zoya Armor since the color is little bit neon, it dried matte.

Zoya Elodie is a bright salmon color. This swatch is two coats plus one coat of Zoya Armor. This is the only one I wore as a mani – it’s actually a funny story. It looks demure and inoffensive in the bottle so I thought to myself… I could probably get away with this one at work. Wrong. It’s much brighter on the nail than it is in the bottle. I liked it – but totally not work appropriate with my nails as long as they are right now. I totally could have gotten away with it if my nails were shorter.

Zoya Heidi is a creamy redish orange. The picture makes it look like a coral but it’s actually much more orange in person. I think it would be an excellent color for people who want to try orange, but are extravagant color shy.

For me, Zoya LC was the stand-out color from this collection. This swatch is two coats. LC is a very bright fuchsia red. The application of this color was actually the best of all the colors in the collection – very smooth and creamy.

Zoya Lo is a standard bright mid range pink, colors like this are always popular but this season they’ve been all over. Since I know this might come up in discussion, let me preemptively say that no this color is not similar to China Glaze Mom’s Chiffon. To me, it looks brighter than OPI Strawberry Margarita, OPI That’s Hot Pink, and OPI In-dia Mood for Love. Although it is my personal opinion that it’s not worth owning all of those (I know that the entire nail board will probably disagree with that statement). For example, I own OPI Koala Bear-y and OPI That’s Berry Daring so with the addition of Zoya Lo, I pretty much have that color range covered, no need for the others. This swatch is 3 coats.

And finally, Zoya Whitney. This is 2 coats. This color, like the previous one, has also been very popular this season.

Man I wish I could get away with wearing this kind of stuff. : ( I’m totally missing out on all these awesome summer colors. *kicks dirt* *grumbles* *stupid professional environment, stupid* */grumbles*

Special thanks to Zoya.



  1. Scrangie said,

    Seriously, I had no idea it was from “that show” until someone made a joke about it. I don’t watch it, but I have seen it and wow, just… wow. I won’t rant on your blog… Hahaha. Needless to say, I agree with your opinion.

    I think Audrina might be my favorite out of these. It’s really purple looking and quite flattering on me. I think all of them look awesome on you. I’m sorry that you can’t really wear them, but at least there’s the weekend, right?

  2. pretear said,

    : ( I wish but I’ve been spending my weekends doing swatches so I can’t even have a ridiculous mani on the weekend. Boo, man boo. lol.

  3. Taffy said,

    Sometimes marketing doesn’t work the way it’s expected to. Honestly, my distaste for shows and people like the ones that the polishes are named for is what kept me from buying the collection! I just do’nt want the image of these people to pop into my head whenever I look at my nails.

  4. pssion said,

    I really like the way Elodie looks. I can’t determine what color it really is and that kind of only makes me want it even more :)

  5. Tink said,

    Why, Why did I come and look today! I think I *need* Zoya Audrina .

  6. diann_co said,

    I so want to see these IRL. Went today but my store just had ChitChat!!! Great pics, BTW

  7. pretear said,

    Thank you and you’re lucky to have Zoya local. ; )

  8. Tiffany said,

    These are awesome swatches. You have great nails! I just bought these and posted about them. I linked to your blog, hope you don’t mind! After seeing your swatches I’m disappointed I didn’t buy LC. OH well, next order!

  9. pretear said,

    : ) Link away. And thank you very much.

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