June 25, 2008

The Polish Addict is Now Officially Against the Chipped Nail Polish Trend.

Posted in Trends at 6:31 pm by pretear

This is just disgraceful and aggravating. After I read that ridiculous article from the New York Times, I thought, ok whatever, ultimately people should do whatever they want with their nails. I said that because I really did not believe that this trend would actually pick up any followers. It’s one thing to let your nails chip when you don’t have time but purposefully wearing chipped polish is lame. This photo of Vanessa Hudgens isn’t a candid, it’s from an actual photo shoot. Look at her hair, makeup, accessories and clothing – chipped nails, when the rest is done up to the nines just looks bad. I mean really, how could this ever been seen as appealing?

In any case, I was being a nail polish hippie before when I decided to just accept this trend for what it is, stupid but ‘to each their own’. I’m taking my original stance back and instead officially aligning myself against this trend. Ugh. If Stars have to be unoriginal lemmings why not at least copy someone like Fergie or Rihanna that actually do interesting things with their nails. I hope this trend goes away ASAP and that the Hollywood lemmings pick up elaborate Japanese nail art instead, now there’s a trend I wish would get some national exposure. And sorry, but regardless of what Deborah Lippmann may say, black chipped polish doesn’t look edgy, especially not on people who are famous for doing children’s musicals.

Source of photos

Special thanks to blushingblondie for pointing this abomination out on MUA.



  1. Scrangie said,

    Ew. Chipped polish to me just looks dirty, as bad as dirt under the fingernails, and makes me wonder how clean that person’s hands are. Maybe that’s just how my mind works.

    I’m not big on ‘trends’, but I will I never, ever, ever decide to follow this one. I can’t believe Deborah and Ji and the gang would condone this!! It’s just…. yuck.

  2. pretear said,

    Yea I agree completely.

  3. Sara said,

    I agree with you! It looks lame. Just like when the Olsen twins dress up like bag ladies. What’s next, people faking meth addict breakouts in their face? ;)

  4. Stefanie said,

    Agreed-chipped nails will always be a ‘dont’ in my book. It looks tacky, careless and should be thrown in the same basket as bad re-growth, ugg boots outside the house and butt-crack jeans!

  5. Chrissy said,

    Chipped polish looks crappy but it looks especially stupid when its black polish. I like dark vampy colors as much as the next nail addict, and I was sorta okay with them becoming a fashion statement (a few years back all the preppy girls started wearing dark shades) but it is just so ridiculous that this trend seems to only be seen with black polish. I play guitar and as such I change polish every 3 days or so because chips annoy me…but I refuse to believe that Vanessa Hudgens chipped her polish rocking out on her strat or something. Ugh!

  6. pretear said,

    : ) I’m glad every seems to agree. What’s even more annoying is that the chipping is probably artificial.

  7. blushingblondie said,

    Scary pics hey! If my nails were that chipped (not that I’d ever let them get that bad!) I’d head straight to the nearest shop to buy polish remover and tissues to get it off!

    I have to say though, chipped toe nail polish is a million times worse.. ewwww

  8. stephanie said,

    i just found your blog and OH MY GOODNESS. this is amazing! i did read that pretentious NYT article and i agree 100%.

    your pics are all lovely and i will surely be adding your blog to my favorites.

  9. pretear said,

    Thank you so much. : ) *and pfft the NYT* lol.

  10. smirfy said,

    I think they are going for the sexy beach scene in that Chris Issac video. You know the one, Wicked Game.
    It is kind of cute. But I don’t think anyone other than pretty young girls can pull it off.

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