June 26, 2008

My Sadness: Sally Hansen Dusk

Posted in Brown, Creme, Mushroomy Colors, Sally Hansen Salon Formula at 6:49 pm by pretear

One of my favorite MUAers posted a picture of Sally Hansen Dusk. I lemminged it for *weeks*. It was limited edition (of course) so I couldn’t find it anywhere. After endless laborious searching, I finally snagged one on evilbay for a shockingly reasonable price. I haven’t had a chance to wear it until recently and to my unspeakable horror, this shade of brown… looks… awful… with my skin tone. I died a little inside, honestly. I’ve only encountered one other color that just doesn’t suit my skin tone, lilac. It just so happens that lilac and brown are my favorite nail polish colors. I keep buying these colors, thinking that this time when I apply it, it will be different. This time – it will look amazing. But no. Lilac makes me look like a corpse and brown, well, brown makes me look like I finger paint with poop.

Why, oh why.

(This polish had amazing application although it was a bit thick – It applied beautifully after a few drops of thinner. I’m a bit of a closet nail polish snob so I don’t have many drug store brands, but I’m really impressed with the quality of Sally Hansen’s Salon Formula (a bit of a misnomer because, as far as I know, this line isn’t sold in salons, only drug stores). I don’t have anything against drug store brands, I just think that people mistakenly believe they are saving money by opting for these brands instead of the higher end brands. I personally find that belief to be a patent fallacy. Sally Hansen’s Salon Formula sells for upwards of 6.50, I pay way less than that for “higher end” non-drug store brands online. Even with the ultra cheap set like Sinful Colors which runs about 1.99 at drug stores, for me, isn’t worth purchasing just because of how cheap it is since a few higher end brands sell for about that much online too.)



  1. Scrangie said,

    You don’t think that looks good on you? I love it on you! It looks calming, natural, serene, elegant, a walk through the forest in November.

    I do think it’s funny that the drugstore “cheap” brands cost more than I pay for the “good stuff” – it feels like a secret club or something (the 8ty8 Society!) lol

  2. pretear said,

    lol. Don’t let the picture fool you, it didn’t look good at all on me but the color itself is beautiful.

  3. Shryh said,

    Dusk doesn’t look like something that would flatter my skintone either, but since it’s dark, it may just look a shade better on me than Grunge did. :)

    *whispers* I’m also a nail polish snob as well. But I don’t plan to have a stash numbering in the hundreds, and will only buy what I really love, so I splurge on higher end brands. I wish I could get OPI, Color Club and Misas as cheaply as you guys do in the States though. An OPI costs US$17 here! *kicks dust*

  4. pretear said,

    *gasp* : O Are you serious!?!? That’s ridiculous. Have you tried buying online? I know over seas peeps are weary of online buys but if OPI is 18 bucks for you, even with hella shipping it should be cheaper if you order from the e-sellers.

  5. Shryh said,

    Pretear: I did place an order with H2T, and the cost of 4 polishes plus int’l shipping was still significantly cheaper than if I’d bought the 4 polishes here in Asia. HOWEVER. My order shipped on June 8 and I’ve yet to receive it. =/ I chose the cheapest shipping option w/out tracking or insurance, and I’m close to giving up on the parcel.

  6. pretear said,

    Nooo don’t give up. I ordered my Konad from Singapore and it took three weeks to get to me with the cheapest shipping option. There’s still hope!

  7. Jessica said,

    Dear Polish Addict, I’m with Scrangie, I happen to like that color on you. It looks very sophisticated. But it seems like you can’t be persuaded at this point…

    I think we’re the same person… not only do I agree with like, everything you’ve ever said on this blog (besides Dusk not working for you) but because lilac and brown are my favorites too. I wore St. Lucia Lilac to work yesterday, and didn’t give a damn. I did it for me :)

    PS- loved your little rant at the end of this post. we closet polish snobs have got to stick together.

  8. pretear said,

    : ) You and Scrangie are sooo wrong about Dusk, the picture is deceptive. But I think you’re going to love tonight’s article, I’m reviewing Orly Bon bon which is really similar to St. Lucia Lilac. We might actually be the same person because like you, I too, do it for me. I don’t even care that Orly Bon bon makes me look undead, I LOVE the color so I’m going to rock it… and continue to buy colors like it, despite the fact they really don’t flatter me at all. lol.

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