July 5, 2008

The Search For Off-White Continues: Color Club Coastal Creme

Posted in Color Club at 8:04 am by pretear

The next stop on my eternal search for the perfect off-white is Color Club Coastal Creme. It leans towards pink, but isn’t pink by any stretch. ‘Creme’ is actually the perfect word to describe this color. I couldn’t be any happier with the color, very flattering, but I did have a little trouble with the application the first time I wore it. The formula was a bit thick so I added 2 drops of Seche Vite Restore to the bottle, it made the application perfect. I’m finally, but slowly, getting over my fear of using nail polish thinner. Coastal Creme is a part of the Yacht Club Collection, which includes one of my favorite polishes of all time Color Club Sexsea (swatches of the whole collection coming soon).

As a side note: This is the last image of my long nails. *sobs quietly*



  1. diann_co said,

    What other near-whites have you tried, Stephanie? Misa Indescribable fits the bill if you can get it to apply right

  2. Sanna said,

    It looks gorgeous!
    And I love sexsea too, so stunning!

  3. Scrangie said,

    That looks like it would smell like vanilla. Am I weird for thinking that?

    That’s very pretty. I love Color Club polishes, they need to release more colors!

  4. Really nice colour:)

  5. pretear said,

    Diann – I have tried Indescribable – loved the color but the application was impossible.

    Sanna – Sexsea is exactly that, sexy. Love it. : P

    Scrangie – They are!! New collection should be out by August. I can’t wait. : )

    Monica – isn’t it? Ah, off-white is love.

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