July 16, 2008

CND Discontinuing More than Half of Entire Collection

Posted in CND at 6:13 pm by pretear

(larger image)

CND decided to do away with over half their collection. MORE THAN HALF!?!? Can I just tell you guys that this news made me die a little inside. I love CND, especially their style book. I can only hope that the company isn’t going under and that they’ll continue to release their seasonal collections. I have a huge CND wish list and now I feel incredible pressure to order everything on the list this very instant. *sobs quietly*

Special thanks to MUA’s Sdevil23 who scanned this announcement for us.



  1. Scrangie said,

    That’s sooooooo sad! At least they kept a few of my favorites: Cuppa Joe, Dark Secret, Masquerade, Hotski To Tchochki and Spike.


  2. pretear said,

    It is lame, I sent them an email asking what the deal is. : (

  3. Dave L said,

    Well, I have been doing my best to help encourage other men to get past the image that only women can wear nail polish. I only paint my toes, but if more men were to begin doing this (and more women were to encourage them), there would be a huge surge in the demand for nail polish! CND and others would experience a very healthy growth as more men adopted this practice.
    And even though there currently are only a small percentage of men into this, I think people need to consider that as men take better care of their feet, there will be more business for salons, nail polish manufacturers, companies that make men’s sandals and others. And, we might even make a dent in the typically poor condition that men’s feet are usually in!
    And that is not such a bad thing, is it?

  4. pretear said,

    Not at all, I think it’s great. Polish companies are responding to the male demand already. The now defunct Hard Candy polish line had Candy Man, Essie has Man-E Cure and of course there’s ManGlaze.

  5. Love8Brain said,

    I know I am late in my reply but I also feel real pressure to get everything I need forever and ever from CND asap … I don’t see this as a good sign. I see it as a sign they are going under. L8B

  6. pretear said,

    I know. I made an order but they turned out to be shimmers. :O

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