July 17, 2008

Color Club Fall Preview!

Posted in Color Club tagged at 3:55 pm by pretear

I am SO excited for these!!!! I’ll have swatches up as soon as humanly possible once I receive them.

(larger image)

These beauties belong to the official Fall collection. I’m not 100% sure of the name of the collection but I think it might be the ‘Dance’. Cremes seem to always be standard for the Fall so I applaud Color Club for doing shimmers – or are they metallics, duo-chromes!? Gaaaah, I have to know! Either way they look amazing. Blue! Black! Gun Metal Gray! Cannot. Wait.

(larger image)

I’m not even going to bother raving about this because you guys should know how I feel about glitter by now. Really though, an entire collection of glitter polish…. *explodes*. It’s like a dream come true. I think this collection can possibly help quench some of the thirst for the re-release of the China Glaze Wizard of Ooh Ahz Collection, at least temporarily.

(larger image)

Color Club decided to jump on the go-green nail polish wagon and release this new eco-friendly line. I don’t know the deets yet but I’m assuming these are going to be big 3 free. I’ll let you guys in the scoop as soon as I get the press release.

Special thanks to Color Club for allowing me to share these promotional images.



  1. Masa_inn said,

    I don’t care for bling (sorry, dear), but you got me with 1st picture.

    Thanks God for CC price!

  2. Sanna said,

    Yay, I’m excited!
    It seems like every brand releases awesome polishes this fall- It’s gonna be expensive, and we haven’t seens Orly or Misa and…yet

  3. pretear said,

    Masa – No bling? *heart breaks*

    Sanna – Misa is coming soon. I haven’t heard anything from Orly yet. I’m pretty excited for about half of the French Collection, all of the China Glaze Collections, Essie’s and CC’s. : ( Ugh. Why oh why do I love nail polish sooo much.

  4. Jake K said,

    Because it’s FUN! It brings a little color and brightness into one’s life. And with all the not-so-fun stuff happening in the world these days, we all need a bit more fun, right?

    It is definitely an addiction!

  5. pretear said,

    Exactly! : D

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