July 17, 2008

Rescue Beauty Lounge Fall Preview

Posted in Rescue Beauty Lounge tagged at 3:38 pm by pretear

The Rescue Beauty Lounge Pre-Fall collection is Sponge Bob themed!! How adorable is that!!! And I LOVE these colors, I don’t think I can resist taking the plunge for long!! Bye bye dollars. *sobs*

I hope I don’t get in trouble for posting this but here’s the fall preview link. (eeep!) But I highly recommend that every one join their VIP mailing list legitimately. They always send these awesome previews to us.



  1. Tabe-chan said,

    OMG! My sister and I will definately be getting the set each, we love spongebob <3

  2. pretear said,

    I NEED that blue. Ugh. I can’t wait until I have a real job and I’m not living on student loans anymore. lol.

  3. M said,

    Dude!!!! Spongebob rox…and great nail polish…it’s a perfect match!!! I almost had a seizure … but the colors seem more spring than fall… although i have no problem with that ! i can’t wait till i find tha money 2 get these….

  4. pretear said,

    Well they’re putting out a fall collection too, this is the pre-fall so I think that’s why Ji went with these pastels rather than traditional vampies.

  5. M said,

    oh ok. Makes sense.

  6. Shryh said,

    Pre-fall? Oh thank goodness… I like Bikini Bottom and don’t quite hate Spongebob, but I would be disappointed if these were the only new colours for fall/winter 08. My skintone doesn’t take too well to pastels. :)

  7. pretear said,

    lol I’m completely the opposite I am madly in love with them all.

  8. Thank you so much! I was seriously just about to put up a post about what a bummer it is when mags show things that aren’t available yet (Bikini Bottom and Star Fish Patrick are both featured in the Aug InStyle with Rihanna on the cover!)!!!

    Star Fish Patrick (pg. 127 – InStyle) is soooooo pretty! I must have it!

    So thank you!

    And I agree… bye bye hard earned $…


  9. Blackdove724 said,

    I think, I might have to break my ‘no polish over $10 a bottle’ rule these are magnificent!!!

  10. pretear said,

    Mrs. Schwartz – Instyle was actually a head of the curve? lol. They’re usually so behind on trends and stuff. Do they have them swatched or just bottle pictures? I’m dying to see what these colors look like on.

    Blackdove – I used to think the price was really ridiculous, well I still do, but RBL consistently makes really unique colors that no one else has and generally their polishes are really high quality. So maybe revise – no polishes over 20 bucks? : P

  11. Ponchy said,

    I can hardly wait to see you swatch these RBLs:-)

  12. Andie said,

    i’m on a no-buy streak for the past ..um 36 hours, but i “need” these!!!!

  13. Scrangie said,

    Such a weird collection, SpongeBob themed? Odd! But the colors are pretty cool, so I’ll embrace the strangeness :)

  14. pretear said,

    It is strange but I could not possibly love it more, they look perfect to me, I refuse to believe they are sheer. lol.

  15. Hi and sorry for the delay! Unfortunately no swatch in the Aug. InStyle… just a pic of the bottle (which is good!).

    But!!!!! The new People StyleWatch (with SJP and Queen Latifah on the cover) has a swatch of Star Fish Patrick on page 60!

    It makes me want it even MORE!


  16. pretear said,

    I’ll have swatches up in a few days. : )

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