July 23, 2008

Bling Incognito: Misa Sugar Sugar Collection Swatches

Posted in Comparison Swatches, Duo/Multichrome, Ghetto Fabulous, Glitter, Misa, Pink, Sheers, Shimmer, Silver, White at 12:16 am by pretear

Misa contacted me after I posted a negative review of Misa Indescribable. They said that they would do their best to rework the formula to create better, less streaky application. I was really impressed that they reached out to me as a dissatisfied customer. Indescribable was the first Misa polish I tried, since then I’ve had much better results with their polish but it’s still pretty great that they were concerned. Kudos to Misa for the excellent customer service.

Sorry guys this post isn’t for the new collection. I know, how horrible of a tease am I? I’ll have swatches of Poisoned Passion up this weekend, until then, get your fix by checking out Scrangie’s and Masa’s swatches and comparisons.

Sugar Sugar is Misa’s previous Spring/Summer collection. It is composed of 3 base colors and 3 ‘toppings’. It’s my personal opinion that these polishes were meant to be worn mixed and matched, layered over each other. The name Sugar Sugar is very fitting, all the colors in this collection look powdery and sheer on the nail. But you’ll find, like I did, that this seemingly princess-y collection has a darker, cooler side. All these polishes applied exceptionally well, no application issues at all.

First, the base colors:

Misa Sugar Daddy is my favorite from this collection. Gorgeous. I’ve been loving whites lately and this one has very fine silvery microshimmer that sets it apart from the other whites in my stash. It’s opaque but still somewhat translucent at 3 coats. I feel that Misa Confection Section was meant to be the topping for Sugar Daddy.

Misa Lolli Jolly is a soft sheer pink with microshimmer. Lolli Jolly is dupish to OPI Princesses Rule and Sinful Glass Pink. It’s still very sheer even at 3 coats. Misa Candy Girl compliments Lolli Jolly.

Misa Honeybunch is the silvery white version of Lolli Jolly. This swatch is also 3 coats. In the image Honeybunch seems to fade from very opaque on my index finger to very sheer on my pinkie finger. That is the result of shading. Interestingly, Honeybunch looks more sheer in the shade and more opaque in full on sunlight. Finally, I think the teal in Misa Sweet Pleasure compliments the silver in Honeybunch.

Here are the three base colors side-by-side. They may look similar but each one has it’s own charm. I actually did try to capture images of all these polishes layered over each other. I just couldn’t get the subtle shimmer to show up accurately with my camera. Suffice it to say that the combinations are really pretty, especially using Candy Girl and Sweet Pleasures together over Lolli Jolly as a base.

Now for the ‘toppings’:

Misa Confection Section is a chunky multi-toned glitter polish. You can use this one over any polish in this collection (well really over any polish, period) but I think it’s especially suited to be layered over Sugar Daddy.

Misa Candy Girl is a pink jelly base with suspended blurple microshimmer. Ultra sheer, it’s gorgeous layered over Lolli Jolly. It’s my second favorite from this collection, you’ll see why below.

Misa Sweet Pleasure is teal toned microshimmer suspended in nude jelly polish. This is 3 coats in the sunlight. Even in the full on midday Sun this polish is very subtle and tame. It’s beautiful, I don’t say that very often about sheers.

Now for the really exciting stuff – the ‘toppings’ over black:

Sugar Sugar is rocking the major undercover bling.

Candy Girl is blue to purple duochrome! DUOCHROME! *dies* Confection Section becomes green toned over black, very ‘the truth is out there-ish’ so I think this will be my mani for the X-Files opening this weekend. Sweet Pleasures over black looks a bit like Zoya Kotori but more blinged out.

Special thanks to Misa.



  1. Sminkan said,

    Wow! Over black they looked absolutely stunning!

  2. pretear said,

    I know! I was SO shocked. I was just swatching them over black because I always do that for glitter or glittery sheers, so there I am la la la swatch swatch swatch, then bam – duochrome. Totally unexpected.

  3. Andie said,

    Wow! These are beautiful, and definitely amazing over black! Now I must run out and get some!

    How many polishes do you have?! I have so many myself, and I am afraid to let anyone know, even significant others…….

  4. pretear said,

    I actually counted the other day… it’s over 300… which isn’t a lot compared to other girls who have 800+. And I feel your pain, I definitely hide packages and stuff from the boyfriend. lol.

  5. Sanna said,

    Oh, I love my Sugar daddy!
    Candy Girl looks so cool over black! (and the others too)
    Now I “need” candy girl!

  6. CrazyNails said,

    Oh wow! Like Smikan said over black..Stunning!

  7. Shutterbug83 said,

    Oh my gosh, those are all so GORGEOUS! I don’t just want them, I NEED them! Where to buy? I have never seem that brand around here before. *drool* Muuuust find these polishes!

  8. pretear said,

    Shutterbug – you can get these at head2toebeauty.com. : )

  9. Scrangie said,

    I love your observation about they layering combinations- you’re right! I would have never thought of that. Again, amazing swatches as usual! *wipes up puddle of drool*

  10. pretear said,

    : P lol, yea I think that’s what they intended, if so, they should have advertised it that way. You should try layering both CG and SP over any other the three bases, it’s amazing. I think you would love it.

  11. Shutterbug83 said,

    Many thanks! Now to work a great big haul into my budget… lol =)

  12. Jake K said,

    Speaking of duochromes over black, here is black with OPI “My Private Jet” over it: http://www.flickr.com/photos/toepaintguy/2309903688/

    And here is another variation; try the duochrome over silver: http://www.flickr.com/photos/toepaintguy/2707986839/
    this is Essie Loophole with China Glaze “He’s Going In Circles” over it.

    I don’t paint my fingernails, so I hope the pedi is an adequate example.

  13. pretear said,

    Wow! Your feet are in better shape than mine! : )

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