July 28, 2008

Confessions of a Polish Addict: Sometimes My Application Sucks

Posted in Creme, OPI, Red tagged , at 11:01 pm by pretear

Oh the horror (… dun… dun… dunnnnn). This was my 2nd or 3rd mani after the Tragic Nail Breaking Incident of 2008. I decided to revisit it today because, well, my index nail broke again. I’ve dubbed this break the “Tragic Nail Breaking During Swatching Incident of 2008”, the whole sordid tale will be disclosed at a later date. In any case, I began waxing poetic about the deeper meaning behind a broken tip. It’s like the time I fell off the treadmill at the gym and had an existential crisis, there are existential implications here too. My nails break, therefore I am? Descartes just turned in his grave, I’m sure.

I never posted this swatch because I really fudged the application and I was so defeated by the break that I just didn’t have the strength of will to clean it up. So, that’s my big secret, sometimes I just paint my nails however and wash off the excess in the shower. In fact, the only time I ever do real clean up with a little orange wood stick, remover, and cotton, is when I’m swatching for you guys. For regular manis, if I mess it up, which I do sometimes, I just let it ride.



  1. neon lover said,

    Are you kidding? What breakage? Your nails always look amazing!

  2. pretear said,

    Thank you. lol. It was actually a really bizarre break, I’m not even sure how it happened. I was driving to the post office and I Iooked down at the steering wheel and too my horror I see a giant peel like split from which there was no recovering. They’re *super* short now.

  3. Steph said,

    Ive just recently had two breakages, T_T nails so ugly and short. lol Anyway, I never knew that colour was so pretty, im gonna have to pick that one up

  4. Scrangie said,

    I broke not one, but TWO nails on my left hand this week, all the way down! You can see from my swatches today. Index finger nail is too short to file down anymore without making myself bleed. AUUGHHHHH!

    And your application still looks amazing, I don’t see any flaws!

  5. pretear said,

    Scrangie – Oh no. : ( Maybe we need to have a mourning week for both out blogs. lol.

    Steph – I know right! I picked that one up for 60% off at TS – wasn’t too excited about it but then when I saw it on, I *loved* it.

  6. Sminkan said,

    Well, my nails never grow very long. I am happy they got as long as they are now, and that is short compared to your “short” nails. ;D
    I never even clean up when I show my nails on the blog. And I always mess my manis up. I just haven’t got the patience to sit with an orange stick and do the cleaning up. After I washed my hands a cuouple of times it usually looks all right.

    And Rodeo Diva… I want them all! And not only them. There are so many great collections coming up this fall!

  7. Melanie said,

    About the China Glaze swatches you posted a link for…HOW DID SHE GET THOSE?! They haven’t been released yet! Between those and the new OPI France collection – I know I’m in the minority, but I’m lovin’ those cremes – I’m SO gonna be broke in August! ;)

  8. pretear said,

    She said she has a hook up at a local beauty shop and they received them yesterday. Sooo lucky. lol.

  9. Steph said,

    Steph – your nails look divine short :) My nails are in recovery right now too from breaking and staining – it’s killing me. I’m dyin for some sponge bob. Thanks for the link, this collection is def *drool worthy*

  10. Dani said,

    Your nails look great, what breakage?! They are the perfect lenght, really.
    I love your swatches, and this OPI shade is georgeous! Thank you :)

  11. pretear said,

    Sminkan – I’m glad I’m not the only one lol, but the images on your blog always look perfect. : P

    Dani – My nails right now are even shorter than in the image above, but I sort of like them. And I feel like I can get away with wearing more ridiculous colors when my nails are short.

  12. KarlaSugar said,

    Dear god, that color is gorgeous!

  13. Dani said,

    Yes, I think so too. Shorter nails are better for variety of colors. I often cut them just to be able to ware a certain color. I hope to see some swatches with short nails ;)
    And thanks for the article about manic hydrating :). Skin on your hands is amazing, and cuticles are …well, perfect. I’d like to be that consistent with hand cream…

  14. pretear said,

    Dani – Thank you again and believe me, you’re probably better off not being manic about it like I am. Skin produces natural oils but ever since I started doing it compulsively it almost feels like my skin gave up on producing anything lol.

    Jake – Thanks for directing me to that gallery, it’s awesome!

    Karla – It’s very very flattering. I love it.

  15. m said,

    I actually like your nails shorter.

  16. pretear said,

    I’ve been getting that a lot lately but I like my system grow them out until they break then cut them super short and start all over. : )

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