August 4, 2008

Lippmann Collection Fall 2008 Swatches

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Sorry about that hiatus, I started a new soul-destroying job and I’ve had zero free time and zero sunlight with which to take swatch images. I’m going to invest in a light box so that I don’t have to be so sun dependent, until then, you guys will have to make due with sub-par indoor lighting.

Ok no more excuses for the moment, let’s get back to the Fall Blitzkrieg. That’s what I’ve decided to dub the insanity that is about to ensue when all the fall colors hit the shelves. It’s really like all the nail polish companies got together and conspired to empty out some bank accounts.

Here’s Lippmann Collection’s 4 new shades for fall:

Lippmann Collection Rhapsody in White is a frosty white with a tinge of silver. This is two coats in sunlight, (the only sunlight picture I was able to get today.) It’s a great color but I got a lot of noticeable brush strokes. I am not a fan of brush strokes.

Lippmann Stop and Stare is a magenta based bright jelly creme red. Gorgeous. This is 3 coats, but it’s wearable at 2 coats if you don’t mind VPL. This one had great application, not a streak in sight, smooth and perfect. I’m tempted to say that Lippmann Stop and Stare is dupish to Essie Jelly Apple, but I’m hesitant because JA is more a true red, and SaS has a magenta tone to it. I’ll do comparison swatches soon.

To be honest, I was a little surprised to see a true black in Lippmann’s fall collection. Not to hate on Lippmann, but black is black is… black. However, black is supposed to be making a come back this fall so I guess it makes sense. This is a normal, glossy, unadulterated true black creme. The application was excellent, it’s opaque in coat, but I preferred it with two. Now that I think about it, I wonder if every black really is created equal. I’ve never actually done side by side comparisons of my black cremes. My HG go-to black for layering is Milani Black Magic. It’s cheap and gets the job done so I’ve never really questioned the difference between tones, application, and wear in blacks. *light bulb goes on for article*

Lippmann Collection Pump Up the Jam is definitely the stand out color from the new Lippmann fall shades. I’m really loving these shimmery vampies. Judging by the enthusiasm for them on the nail board, I expect that vampy shimmers are going to be big this Fall. Lippmann describes this color as “Boysenberry Bijoux”. Not really sure what that means, but man, I love this color. It’s aubergine shimmer with a blackish base. This image does not do this polish justice, this one is a definite ‘must have’. I’ll definitely revisit this color for you guys when the sun comes back out, darn Florida weather.

Special thanks to Lippmann.



  1. Ponchy said,

    “Pump Up the Jam” leaves me completely speechless Steph! It is fabulous on you too!

  2. pretear said,

    Thank you! : ) I know you’ll love this one.

  3. Chrissy said,

    Pump Up The Jam = AMAZING! Can’t wait to see pics with sunlight.

    I’ve never used Lippmann polish. In general, how is the formula (application, wear time, etc.)?

  4. Scrangie said,

    Whoa, Pump Up The Jam is hot!! Love it! Otherwise, what a bland collection! Oh well, saves me money ;-)

  5. pretear said,

    Chrissy – Lippmanns are solid polishes, they have good wear time and the ones I’ve tried have applied really well.

    Scrangie – Yea, I mean, I like the colors, but this is stuff we’ve seen before – except for PUtJ which is just gorgeous.

  6. Lauraet said,

    Beautiful pics, thank you so much!

    Just if anyone is curious, Bijoux is French for jewel! =)

  7. gymnastgirly said,

    Fabulous swatches!! What do you think about Pump Up the Jam compared to OPI LPAM? I need to know if I have to start drooling over another expensive polish :)

  8. Sminkan said,

    Pump up the Jam looks great! A wonderful deep color!

  9. pretear said,

    GG – I’ll do a comparison for you. : )

  10. Nina said,

    Omg grrl, your blog is awesome :)! I’m mesmerized by the pictures of nail polish. I totally want to do my nails everyday now. <3

  11. I am drawn to Rhapsody in White.

    I agree about black. It’s been done people.

    gymnastgirly beat me to punch. I was wondering how it compared to LPAM as well.

  12. Sanna said,

    oh your nails look awesome!
    Pump Up the Jam is b-e-a-u-t-i-f-u-l

  13. Jake said,

    Brush strokes aside, that Raphosdy in White is just a darn classy looking color. It would also go with just about anything, I would think. I like the fact that is is not just pure white, but the silver in it seems to add some ‘body’ to it and makes it a very attractive color.

    As far as black polishe goes, about the only difference that I can tell is the way it applies and finishes (amount of gloss). Otherwise, a $20 bottle of Channel seems to look like a $3 bottle of OPI (at least my wife gets them for this price at the salon she works at). In fact, black is what I currently have on my toes!

  14. pretear said,

    Nina – Arigato <3

    Tink – I’ll definitely get to it this weekend, with the sun. : P And I’m going to try to figure out a way to minimize brush strokes, because I really like RiW’s color.

    Sanna – Thank you so much. ; )

    Jake – I agree, I’m going to try to work something out to minimize brush strokes. I revisited my Milani and there is definitely a difference in application. Lippmann is superior, but in the end black is black. lol.

  15. Gabrielle said,

    pump up the jam is GORGEOUS. it’s a little less metallic than LPAM in a good way. the black is my favorite. it’s glossier than any black i’ve ever used and chips a whole lot less as well. black is back for 2009!

  16. […] OPI, Purples & Lilacs, Shimmer tagged Fall 2008 at 11:27 pm by pretear I recently posted the Lippmann Fall Collection, in it I promised you guys a sunlight image of Pump Up the Jam. Some of you requested a comparison […]

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