August 6, 2008

Color Club Glitter Vixen Collection Swatches

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The Fall Blitzkrieg continues, this time with Color Club’s Glitter Vixen Collection. I was already pretty excited for this collection when I saw the promo pictures, but in person, they’re even more impressive. All 7 of these are made up of multi-sized glitter suspended in clear polish. Some of the Glitter Vixens appear to be slightly tinted but I think that’s a result of the glitter shedding pigmentation, it’s not intentional pigmentation in the color design. Most glitter polishes apply sparsely – these are the complete opposite of sparse. The multi-sized chunky glitter creates a base on which to build opacity. Believe it or not, all these swatches are 2, albeit somewhat thick, coats. Basically, Glitter Vixen gives you full coverage ultra bling. The formula is a bit thick, but they are fairly easy to apply. These swatches are taken in indoor lighting (my new home-made light box oooh hoo hoo) with no top coat. Like all glitter polishes, these were a pain in the butt to remove – I used Remove+ and felt.

Color Club Object of Envy is emerald green. I want to see this next to China Glaze’s upcoming Emerald. I hope they aren’t dupes – I love green and I love glitter so this is the culmination of all my favorite polish attributes.

I know what everyone is thinking, Art of Seduction is China Glaze Ruby Pumps or Milani Garnet Gems. I say no, only because both the Milani and China Glaze are fine-ish glitter suspended in red tinted polish. The Glitter Vixens are chunkier glitter in clear polish. Most people don’t have the need to own both, for nail board addicts, I think these are sufficiently different to justify owning both.

Color Club Sultry reminds me of a denser version of the hard-to-find OPI Glim-merry Gold which I recently admired at a dusty but did not purchase, now I’m glad I didn’t. Sultry is also similar to Misa Disco Queen, which has slightly darker more yellow-gold finer glitter and applies a bit more sparsely.

Color Club Sex Symbol is foil-y multi-sized silver glitter. I’m curious to see how this one stacks up next to the mysterious China Glaze Tinsel that we all have yet to see. All my favorite brands seem to have jumped onto the bling wagon, I’m loving every minute of it.

Color Club Magic Attraction is my favorite from this collection. Chunky holographic glitter? Um…. please, sir, can I have some more? I don’t have anything else quite like it. I suppose the closest thing would be China Glaze Let’s Do it in 3-D but the difference in glitter size creates a completely different holographic effect. Let’s Do it in 3-D is a traditional holographic with the full spectrum of color collectively flashing on the nail, while Magic Attraction has the full spectrum twinkling individually through the flecks of glitter.

My camera refused to photograph Color Club Tru Passion (below) and Sexy Siren (above) accurately. The image of Sexy Siren looks suspiciously like China Glaze Blue Sparrow but they are not similar at all. Sexy Siren is more of a turquoise blue with a touch of green.

Color Club Tru Passion is my second favorite. It’s not a mid-range purple as shown above, it’s more of amethyst or violet. Sorry for the inaccuracy, I’m still working out my photography kinks.

Special thanks to Color Club.



  1. psychoswim @ MUA said,

    Wow!! They are totally amazing!! I desperately need 5 of them (save the silver and gold), but might get all 7 since they’re so cheap :D Thank you so much for the pics!!
    michelle :)

  2. KathyWA said,

    Outstanding swatches, as usual!!!! I’m dying to get my hands on these! TY so much for the great descriptions and pics!

  3. Love8Brain said,

    Thank you so much ES! These are lovely! We really appreciate all the work and time that goes into getting them up there. Just lovely! These are on my list to buy! Love! Thank you!

  4. pretear said,

    Michelle – I know, that’s my favorite thing about Color Club, sooooo reasonably priced.

    Kathy – You’re welcome and I’m glad you like these guys, they really are great polishes. I can’t wait to be able to wear the bling again, this weekend, finally. : )

    L8B – <3

  5. gymnastgirly said,

    You’re killing me here…my CC wishlist just grew again!! :) Thanks for the swatches!

  6. Sanna said,

    Wooh, they look awesome on their own for being glitters!
    I think Tru Passion is my favorite:)

  7. Jessica said,

    LOL @ “please sir can I have some more”

  8. firepail said,

    Oooooh! Wow!

    I wonder what one coat of any those polishes would look like over black? Thanks for posting these!

  9. Scrangie said,



  10. threadtrend said,

    I absolutely love Color Club polishes. They’re really top-notch.

  11. pretear said,

    Gymnastgirly – You’re welcome and sorry about the growing WL, I know how that is. : )

    Sanna – Tru Passion is amazing. Really. I love this collection I really wish it was more socially acceptable to live the blinged out life.

    Jessica – lol I was wondering if anyone would be amused by that : D.

    Firepail – I can do over black swatches with one coat for you. : )

    Threadtrend – I completely agree.

    Scrangie – Oh man. I know.

  12. Jake said,

    Steph, you mention CG “Let’s Do It In 3D” as a possible comparison with CC “Magic Attraction”, but what about CG “Sexagon”? That is another bold holo that radiates the entire rainbow. A little too ‘bling’ for me, but still a pretty awesome color!

  13. pretear said,

    Sexagon has the same kind of bling that Let’s Do it in 3D has so it won’t be similar either. : )

  14. Sminkan said,

    Glitter is always fun!!! Wonderful pictures!

  15. Steph said,

    Gorgeous colors! I’m totally drawn to the red. Brings back memories of the wizard of oz days.

  16. pretear said,

    Sminkan – Thank you : )

    Steph – Yes definitely, these pictures are without top coat, but with it, these look really glossy, soooo Wizard of Oz.

  17. rocketqueen said,

    WHAAAH!! Amazing! When can we buy them? Whaah…aa… *joins Scrangie in death*

  18. pretear said,

    lol – I’m going to email CC and ask what’s up with these.

  19. OMG I might have to actually get a few. I never like CC but ya gotta love that bling!

  20. Rubbing Alcohol said,

    Any update when these babies are out!

  21. pretear said,

    Unfortunately, still nothing official. They’re supposed to be out already but for whatever reason we can’t find them anywhere.

  22. Rubbing Alcohol said,

    They’re OUT! They’re OUT!

    8ty8 has got them! Both collections!

  23. […] has *finally* put the fall Color Clubs up for sale. Follow these links to see my swatches of the Glitter Vixen Collection and the Musique […]

  24. […] Swatches finns hos The Polish Addict, här finner du Musique och här Glitter Vixen. […]

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