August 12, 2008

Lippmann Pump Up the Jam vs. OPI Lincoln Park At Midnight

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First, I thought I would make it easier for everyone and just have one page with links to all the fall collections that I’ve posted so far. So I’ve added a page, Swatches of the Fall 2008 Collections, for ease of access to these swatches. Right now I only have my own posts linked but I want to link to other blogs that have covered fall collections as well. If you have collections you want featured on that page, let me know and I’ll add your links.

I recently posted the Lippmann Fall Collection, in the post I promised you guys a sunlight image of Pump Up the Jam. Some of you requested a comparison of Lippmann Pump Up the Jam and OPI Lincoln Park After Midnight, so here’s the whole shebang:

I was actually surprised to find that in the sunlight Lippmann Pump Up the Jam’s shimmer leans more toward reddish violet – it’s definitely a lot dark indoors. I’m not sure why I’m surprised by that, every shimmer ever works exactly the same way. “Whoa, Bam” outdoors, “Oh that’s nice” indoors.

I might be alone here but I think that Lippmann Pump Up the Jam looks *nothing* like OPI Lincoln Park At Midnight. PUtJ has a darker base color, almost black, unlike LPAM, which has a visibly purple base color. Even the shimmer is different as you can see above, as I said before, PUtJ has an aubergine shimmer to it. The only thing similar about them is that they are both dark colors that incorporate shimmery purple. In my opinion, both are definitely different enough to justify owning both, especially if shimmery purplish vampies are your thing.



  1. gymnastgirly said,

    Thanks so much for comparing them!! With Lippmann’s prices, I think I’ll stick with my LPAM, though I agree that they’re totally different. I thought they were much more similar, based on early PUtJ pics :)

  2. pretear said,

    No problem. : ) Despite being of excellent quality, Lippmanns are definitely pricey so I can’t say I blame you for sticking to LPAM. I’d actually forgotten how beautiful it is.

  3. rocketqueen said,

    Can’t see much difference there! But it’s always different when seeing them in person. By the way I LOVE the “Rocking” thing on your blog! I want that too! *cries* *dries tears and tries to find out a way to put it on my hard-to-work-with blog design*

  4. pretear said,

    lol Thanks. I hope you can get it to work, it’d be cool to know what color you’re wearing if you can’t post about it. : )

  5. Astrid said,

    Hi Polish Addict,
    Thanks for posting these swatches… I’m just getting into the beginnings of a nail polish addiction but we don’t have many brands available where I live meaning that it’s great to have an idea of what colours actually look like before I order my bottles of polish online!
    I really like the look of Lincoln Park After Midnight but having difficulty getting hold of a bottle- is this from an older collection? Has it been replaced by Lincoln Park After Dark? I’m so confused so could really do with your advice! I’m sure you know what it’s like to really lust after a colour! :)

  6. pretear said,

    Hey Astrid – This actually came up the other day… people are starting to notice that LPAM is becoming less readily available. Lincoln Park After Dark was the original color, LPAM is an inspired off shoot. I don’t think it’s discontinued but it is an older release (I think it came out with Go Deliciously Dark but don’t quote me on that.) – this site still has it: : )

  7. Astrid said,

    Thanks soooo much! This site is fab! I’m putting in an order for LPAM as I type and have also ordered some China Glaze polishes to try (a new brand for me). I’m so excited as they ship to the UK & it’s great value so many thanks once again! :)

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