August 15, 2008

Fall Blitzkrieg: Nubar Vineyard Collection Promo Teasers

Posted in Nubar tagged at 1:22 am by pretear

That was a nice break, now back to the madness. I know everyone is loving the extravagant shimmers this fall, but I’m a creme girl at heart, so I’m not necessarily bored by collections featuring vampy cremes. The Vineyard Collection consists of 8 vampy creme shades inspired by wine. *Homer sounds* Mmm… vampy cremes.

*Correction* Michelle from All Lacquered Up has informed me that this collection was actually released last spring, Nubar says it’s for this fall. I trust that Michelle knows her stuff, so I’m guessing Nubar is re-promoting these for this fall.



  1. Scrangie said,

    Corvina looks pretty hot, but I’m getting to bored with vampies lately. What’s wrong with me?? *feels forehead*

  2. Masa_inn said,

    Corvina, Corvina, Corvinaaaaaaa! /sings off-key/

  3. Chrissy said,

    Corvina and Cabernet are soooooooooo pretty! I may have to splurge on my first Nubar polishes.

    I love creme colors, so these are right up my alley.

  4. michelle waterloo said,

    saturated purple cremes, both red-violet and blue-violet … finally ! Corvina is so intense, it’s practically radioactive, and the royal purple of Cabernet is calling me …

  5. Sminkan said,

    Nubar is always interesting to me. Nut for fall there are so many more exiting collections. Still, If it is not LE I will get some of these. Sooner or later…

  6. diann_co said,

    Yup these are for fall 07…pretty tho

  7. pretear said,

    Scrangie – Seek help now. lol.

    Masa Inn – Corvina is very nice but it’s less vibrant in person.

    Chrissy – Nubars are really great. : )

    Michelle – They seem to be less vibrant in person, I’ll have swatches up soon.

    Sminkan – I don’t think these are LE since apparently they’re from last year lol.

    Diann – It’s so confusing, I’m baffled as to when they are from.

  8. Love8Brain said,

    Yep, I have those already. They were from last fall. They are incredibly lovely! I love Nubar! L8B … Love … TY for reminding me these are in my stash!

  9. pretear said,

    Of course you have this whole collection : P… you have every polish known to man. <3

  10. Well they are new to me :)
    I like colors.

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