August 19, 2008

Fall Blitzkrieg: China Glaze Rodeo Diva Swatches Part 2

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Finally, here’s the remaining colors from the China Glaze Rodeo Diva Swatches, I apologize for the delay. You can see the first set here. The sun cooperated a whole lot of not at all in photographing of these swatches. The remaining colors in the Rodeo Diva Collection applied very well, 2 coats each, excellent consistency, except where noted.

China Glaze Red Stallion is a shimmery mid-tone red. It’s a pretty color but you guys know how I feel about shimmery reds.

China Glaze Prize Winning Mare is more my type of thing. I actually like it more in the shade than in the sunlight with full on shimmer. In the shade, it’s a more subtle gold speckled brown, very beautiful. Scrangie thinks it’s somewhat similar to Dior Gold Nugget.

China Glaze Golden Spurs is tan with gold shimmer. I noticed that when I applied it with 2 thin coats I got a lighter shade than when I used 2 thick coats which gave me a darker tan shade.

Oh man China Glaze Cowgirl Up was a pain in the butt to photograph. I apologize for the glare, the sun was setting and there were many clouds over head (Tropical Storm Fay hates nail polish apparently). I was only able to take a few snaps before the weather thwarted my efforts completely. Cowgirl Up, a violet with multi-toned blurple shimmer, is a much loved color from this collection, but again, probably not for me.

China Glaze Branding Iron is a brownish red with gorgeous red shimmer. Branding Iron is like a browner lighter version OPI Midnight in Moscow. I did have some difficulties with the application of Branding Iron – my bottle was really thick.

China Glaze Yee-Haw! is my least favorite color in this entire collection. It’s peach with gold shimmer. As soon as I saw this one I knew I would feel that way so I decided to use it for a manicure. Sometimes colors grow on me, that’s not the case here. There’s nothing wrong with Yee-Haw! per se, it’s actually a really pretty color – but colors like this just don’t suit me.

Special thanks to China Glaze.



  1. Jason said,

    Red Stallion and Prize-Winning Mare take the prize for me! These are gorgeous colors! I don’t wear reds myself, but I can still admire them! The ‘Mare’ color is one I could definitely get away with though.
    Thanks Steph! Great shots as usual. : )

  2. dami said,

    your picture of Cow Girl Up is making me 2nd guess my decision to buy it. i hope i like it! and i really like the shimmery red on you. but yea, I myself am not a big fan of them either.

  3. pretear said,

    Jason – Thanks and let me know what you think when you get them.

    Dami – I’m sure you won’t be disappointed in it – my swatch isn’t that great – I had difficulties like I mentioned.

  4. Melanie said,

    My bottle of Branding Iron looks NOTHING like yours. It’s a deep blackened burgundy with no brown at all.

  5. pretear said,

    Hmm… does it look like Scrangie’s? I looked at her swatch and it’s a pretty good depiction of what my bottle looks like, maybe I’m describing it incorrectly.

  6. Scrangie said,

    Those all look PERFECT on you. It makes me want them and I already have them… Your pictures seem to do that to me often :D

  7. Steph said,

    Oooh, China Glaze has such an awesome fall collection. They all look fab!

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