August 21, 2008

New Nail Blog Alert: The Nailphile

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Siobhan, one of my favorite MUA girls and one of the creators of the million lemming march to my nail polish wish list, has launched a new nail polish blog, cleverly dubbed The Nailphile. (I’m so jealous of girls who come up with creative names for their blogs – the boyfriend always makes fun of me for the lack of creativity in the title “The Polish Addict”. *Sigh*, I guess, at least, it’s functional.) Siobhan practically has a warehouse full of polish and she tends to grow her nails out really long – a rarity in our world, especially because she’s all natural. Her nail length is an incredible feat all in itself. She recently had a break and for that, my heart goes out to her – we’ve been break free here on the Polish Addict for a while but we know the pain oh so well. I know she’s bummed about her new length but she has great images and insightful entries regardless. I love her and the new blog, I know you guys will too.

Image from Cute Overload.



  1. rocketqueen said,

    Yay, welcome Siobhan! So happy she started a blog, I just recently found it myself!

  2. Scrangie said,

    Love her blog and her lovely nails!

    And hey, I’m even less creative, I didn’t even come up with a name for my blog… It’s just my name. *hangs head in shame* lol

  3. rocketqueen said,

    But Scrangie, your name is quite creative to start with! :D

  4. hanneri said,

    Thanx for alerting us to the new blog. I only recently discovered your blog and the more nail polish blogs and I can subscribe to, the better! Thanx for a great blog!

  5. Siobhan said,

    Thanks so much for the kind intro – your blog was one that inspired me to try my own. You’re a sweetie!

  6. rocketqueen said,

    You’ve been hearted! Love love love!

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