August 25, 2008

Fall Blitzkrieg: China Glaze Operation Colour

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Please read the bold disclaimers under Agent Lavender & Secret Peri-wink-le.

China Glaze has really gone above and beyond this Fall – all three of their new collections are mostly composed of what I consider to be unique colors. Operation Colour is particularly special because these colors are not typically reminiscent of Fall. It’s like China Glaze is saying, hey, you don’t have to spend the entire fall in muted, dark colors – extend the summer just a bit (which to me, as a Floridian, makes perfect sense). Rumor has it that this collection will be available online in about a week or so.

I know I say this in just about every post and sadly I will have to continue to do so until I’m no longer an impoverished student that cannot afford a better camera: this color is not blue in real life, China Glaze Agent Lavender is very visibly a light lavender. The consistency of the polish reminded me of China Glaze Second-hand Silk – it’s a chalky 3 coater. My bottle was a bit on the thick side but I don’t think that is going to be representative of the polish as a rule. Every blog that has covered China Glaze this season has complained about application issues, always in reference to different colors. If you happen to unluckily chance upon a thick bottle of polish, from any brand, a few drops of generic nail polish thinner will do the trick – do not use nail polish remover for this purpose. (In real life Agent Lavender is much lighter than it appears in this photo, I’m really sorry guys I know how annoying this is – swatches are supposed to be accurate.)

China Glaze Code Orange is pumpkin with pinkish shimmer. The shimmer is very obvious outdoors although not as pink as it looks in the bottle. In doors, not surprisingly, it looks like a creme. The color is a slightly darker orange than it appears in the image above. There were no application issues with this color – I think it looks better with 3 coats but it’s definitely wearable at 2.

China Glaze Golden Opportunity is a shimmery mustard yellow. I had some major cuticle drag with this color, but it’s workable at 3 coats.

China Glaze Pink Underground is a Barbie pink laced with magenta toned shimmer. It, too, was chalky and a bit on the thick side. The base color is 2 or 3 shades darker than China Glaze Second-hand Silk.

China Glaze Revolution is an ultra glossy bright orangey-red. It had the best application of the bunch, easy, smooth, perfect in 2 coats. No matter how often I see them, I never ever *ever* get tired of these bright reds. Gorgeous.

And finally, China Glaze Secret Peri-wink-le. Geez. I’m almost ashamed to post this picture – unlike my depiction of this color, it is not blue at all, it actually is periwinkle. This is the standout color from the collection as far as I’m concerned. I absolutely love out of the ordinary colors with a creme finish. To me the absence of shimmer is synonymous with chic sophistication, no offense to shimmer lovers. For as long as I can remember unique colors are almost always also shimmery. It happens so often that I associate shimmer with commonness. Don’t get me wrong. I wear shimmers, most of the time begrudgingly. I mean, I don’t hate them per se. I just prefer cremes and it’s just great to see some variation in finish choice. (In real life Secret Peri-wink-le is lighter and not as bright blue as it appears in this photo, again I am SO sorry, this really is unacceptable but despite trying different settings, my camera always takes inaccurate images when it comes to blues and purples. The best I can do for now is try to accurately describe these for you.)

Special thanks to China Glaze.



  1. wixbetty said,

    Just saw these in real life in a dusty today.

    I have to say that the photo of Agent Lavender seems about the depth of color that Secret Peri-wink-le exhibits, but obviously in a different shade.

    The Agent Lavender color looked very pale, almost grey, in the bottle so I passed on it, but maybe it brightens up a bit on the nail?

    Love your nails and your always flawless application!

  2. Chrissy said,

    I want secret periwinkle!!!!!!!!

    And Agent Lavender.

    I know you say some of these polishes are thick, but your application is perfect. I wish I had gorgeous nails like yours, and that I knew how to apply polish as well as you!

  3. Karen said,

    Oooh! Periwinkle!! Is it close to RBL Purple Haze at all?

  4. pretear said,

    Wixbetty – You’re right, in the bottle it does look like a grayish lavender. My picture makes it look a lot bluer than it actually is – it’s inaccurate. My camera has a really tough time with these shades.

    Chrissy – Thank you. : ) Polish thickness is really a relativeness issue. I’ve never encountered a polish that was so thick and goopy that I just couldn’t apply it correctly. It all comes down to degrees of easiness – and it gets easier with practice.

    Karen – No not at all unfortunately. Periwinkle is a weird color, it’s blue but not really. My picture makes the blue look a lot brighter than it actually is.

  5. Melanie said,

    AAARRGGG! I was so hoping to despise this collection. My wallet is getting thinner and thinner and my polish stash is getting fatter and fatter!

  6. wixbetty said,

    Oh no,
    I apologize for making it sound like I was criticizing your photos, or your camera, for that matter.

    Your photos are the cause of way more lemmings than you’ll ever know, and your perfect nails give me something to strive for…

    That being said, I only pointed out the discrepancies I noticed to prevent the disappointment I felt upon seeing the colors in person, befalling anyone else.


  7. pretear said,

    Wixbetty – No no I didn’t feel criticized or offended in any way, I swear. : ) Your comment just made me realize that I really wasn’t clear about the ways that my photos were inaccurate. I hope my better explanations will prevent someone from buying a color believing it looks exactly like it does in the photos when it won’t in reality. So don’t feel bad, you did a service to my blog. <3

    Melanie – I know, believe me I do. lol. I think my pitfall is going to be the new OPI DS collex. *sigh*

  8. ElleB said,

    I abs loves this collection!!

  9. Elma said,

    Don’t worry about the camera thing. Not all cameras are created equal, lighting varies and monitors all look different. We get the idea, and we really appreciate it!

    Though I have to say, I’m escaping this round of lemmingville. Yay!

  10. Carla G said,

    Thanks so much for this! And stop apologising! We’re just happy to see them on a real person before the release!

    I love the Periwinkle and Lavender but I can’t wait for the Bahama Blues!

    I may order them all together. Do you know when that collection will be available to buy & will you be posting swatches (if so, when!) ;-D

    Thanks again for all your hard work!!

    Carla :-)

  11. pretear said,

    Elleb – Huge ditto.

    Elma – : ) it’s nice to escape unscathed on occasion.

    Carla – Both collex are supposed to be released in October but rumor has it that they’ll be available online sooner. I will be posting pics of Bahama Blues very soon : )

  12. Scrangie said,

    CODE ORANGE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  13. Melanie said,

    New OPI DS collex? Bahama Blues? Do tell!

  14. Woman you are crazy! You are sporting Peri-wink-le like a champ! I love the color.

  15. Melly. said,

    Is revolution brighter red than it is?
    Do you have any bright reds to recommend from OPI?
    Love your nails BIG TIME :D I always tend to get skid marks on the sides. ):

  16. Annie said,

    I was looking forward to these more than the rodeo ones. I think i’m the only one at least i was. No disappointments, the colors look so flawless.

  17. Melanie said,

    So this has nothing to do with the post. Have you ever had to return a product to 8ty8 and if so was it a pain? My bottle of OPI I’m Fondue of You is just defective. It’s simultaneously thin and CHUNKY. And to top it off the brush is misshapen. I like the color, so I’d love a replacement. Help!

  18. Sanna said,

    You actually ROCK them all!
    Your nails look stunning as always and so does ypur pics even if you say they’re not completly color accurate.
    Secret Peri-wink-le sounds interesting:)

  19. NailMasterfr said,

    Perfect nails !
    I looove the shape and perfectly applied polish
    quite good length also so for me (though a bit longer could be very nice too)

    thanks for this blog !

  20. pretear said,

    Scrangie – I KNOW! *dies*

    Melanie – Bahama Blues is a collection of 3 shimmery 3 creme blues being put out by China Glaze. And OPI is putting out a new line of DS polishes – some of them are meh but some are amazing. Can’t wait to get them in my clutches.

    Hailey – : P I know, I have issues. lol.

    Melly – Shockingly (lol) the swatch of Revolution is actually accurate. And thank you. : )

    Annie – To be honest I was too, I’m really into unique cremes. I did love the Rodeo Collex but it’s not as ‘me’ as this collection happens to be.

    Melanie 2.0 – Hmm… I’ve never tried to return anything to them but I don’t foresee that’s going to be easy to do. My advice is to contact Tom over email and see what he says about it. There’s been a lot of complaints about the quality of the Francies.

    Sanna – Thank you! : )

    Nailmasterf – Thanks!

  21. Steph said,

    Wow Im gonna definately get these. Just because Im a comic junkie and all the colours are so beautiful! I dont know about the pnik though, second hand silk was totally different from what I was expecting and didnt like it in the end :( On a side note, my france opis are actually pretty good, brushes all perfect. India is a different story all together.

  22. Angel said,

    I am definitely getting Secret Periwinkle and Agent Lavender~ cool cremes!

  23. Here ye, here ye for extending the summer colors a bit! I’m a Floridian too and already jumping into fall clothes and colors just isn’t acceptable yet (but less do-able since it’s still 80-90 degrees out…lol). Thanks for the swatches! :)

  24. pretear said,

    Steph – I think it’s more wearable than Second Hand Silk but I love both. : )

    Angel – I don’t think you’ll be disappointed. <3 Definitely let me know what you think when you get them.

    Bionic Beauty – I totally agree! It won’t even start to cool down for at least another month and a half. lol.

  25. Rach said,

    Did you have any issues with drying time and wear on these? I remember Scrangie saying she was having issues with newer CG polishes. I want almost all of these!

  26. pretear said,

    Rach – To be honest, I haven’t worn these are manis yet, these photos are just swatches. But I have worn Yee-Haw! from the Rodeo Diva collection and I didn’t have any drying or wear issues. I used Seche Vite as a top coat, she’s never failed me. : )

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