August 27, 2008

The Last Hurrah: Rescue Beauty Lounge Coral

Posted in Coral, Creme, Rescue Beauty Lounge at 10:41 am by pretear

I’m starting a new clinical internship this week. This past weekend, I longingly looked through my collection which is sorted into two groups, professional-looking colors and unprofessional/out of the ordinary colors. As my ‘last hurrah’ I wanted a color that was summery, bright, and cheery. I chose Rescue Beauty Lounge Coral.

I know what everyone is thinking, “don’t sweat having to wear professional-looking colors during the week, you have the weekends!” The bittersweet aspect of nail polish blogging is that I spend my weekends swatching so I can’t do fun weekend manicures. Boo.

Now let’s talk color.

Rescue Beauty Lounge Coral is g o r g e o u s. I began lemming this one because of the bottle image on the Rescue Beauty Lounge site. I don’t know why but I was immediately drawn to it.

It’s very chameleon-like in the sense that color varies in different lighting. It can be described as a bright pink, sometimes coral, sometimes orange-y. Tink over at Casual Lavish also swatched Coral; her skin tone is different than mine so it will give you an idea of how the look of this color can vary.

It’s not the same shade as Color Club Sexsea but the transient quality of Coral was reminiscent of the same quality in Sexsea. Tough to describe but really, really hot. I suppose it’s telling that the last time I wore Sexsea was after a long spat of compulsory professional color manicures. It was liberating wearing such a bright strange sexy color. That’s the feeling I was trying to duplicate by choosing Rescue Beauty Lounge Coral and that’s exactly how it made me feel. Sadly, I removed this color on Sunday after only 3 days of wear. As expected from Rescue Beauty Lounge’s voodoo wear, it still looked amazing. I chose OPI Tickle My France-y for my first day of work. *sobs quietly*

As a side note: I recently started experimenting with different base coats. For this manicure, I used the Rescue Beauty Lounge base coat, 3 coats of Rescue Beauty Lounge Coral (3 was necessary to cover VPL), and 1 coat of Seche Vite. I don’t have a final opinion yet but I can share some purely qualitative observations. The RBL base coat isn’t billed as a ridge filler but that’s actually what it is. It’s milky but not as thick as a ridge filler like Barielle Camouflage. Like all ridge fillers, it makes applying some colors really easy but can make other colors more difficult to apply. So far, I like it.



  1. Jessica said,

    I recently had to start wearing work-appropriate manis and everyone told me the same thing- use the weekend! You’ll be fine. Problem is even if you don’t spend the weekend swatching you can only really wear 2-3 colors (if you do one each day) and only somewhat enjoy them (since you can only wear them for a day or so). :( I still have tons of pretty untrieds. Maybe you could do a random work-appropriate mani post?

  2. jasmayer said,

    I have this and really like it – it seems to be a more modern looking coral than some. As for the base coat, I love it! I haven’t had any staining issues, and its light color is nice for a touch of camo. Their top coat is my go-to regular, too.

  3. Jessica said,

    im the only one happy about this. i cant wear anything flashy to work and love when you blog about work safe colors….
    good luck with the internship!

  4. pretear said,

    Jessica – Yea I totally agree. And don’t worry – there will be many a work appropriate posts from here on out lol.

    Jasmayer – I agree, it’s very modern. I’ve been using their top coat as a refresher and so far I’m really liking it too.

    Jessica 2.0 – lol. Well that makes me feel better about it – not that you also can’t wear flashy colors but that you enjoy my work appropriate posts. : )

  5. Sminkan said,

    It looks absolutely beautiful on you. I think it is a white whale for me…
    Your nails are so beautiful.

  6. Sanna said,

    Oh my, oh my! It’s so gorgeous!

  7. Angel said,

    I second jessica 2.0 (hehe) I would love some work appropriate mani posts. I too have to wear work appropriate manis a lot and while I love looking at the all the beautiful colors, it is so nice to see swatches I can actually wear on my fingers to work! :)

  8. pretear said,

    Sminkan – Thank you : )

    Sanna – : )

    Angel – lol. Ok I’ll get cracking on a professional mani article just for you guys for tonight. <3

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