September 2, 2008

Fall Blitzkrieg: OPI La Collection De France

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I’m a little late to the party (check out Scrangie’s swatches) but, of course, I have to give you guys my take on one of the biggest collections to hit us this Fall. I wasn’t all that excited for OPI France when I initially saw the promotional images. OPI has a proclivity for releasing several reds and ‘almost blacks’ in just about every collection and, frankly, it gets old. The promos of France made it seem like more of the same. Consequently, I wasn’t expecting to like these. I was pleasantly surprised to find that this collection is actually pretty cool.

Sure, a few of the colors were fairly run of the mill OPI type stuff. I’m not doing back flips for OPI Louvre me Louvre Me Not (ducks to avoid thrown stones, tomatoes, assorted rotting vegetables), but there are several solid gorgeous, unique colors in this collection. There have been a few complaints about colors in the France collection being thick and difficult to apply but I didn’t have any real trouble with them.

As a side note, I really feel like OPI did a good job of designing colors that are representative of French culture and fashion. I say that because I felt like they could have done more with the Indian collection, it’s good to see that they were spot on with France.

*Dies* OPI You Don’t Know Jacques is my absolute favorite color from this collection. Seriously, every once a while an amazing color like this comes out and renews my passion for nail polish. The color is tough to describe, grayish, brownish, dirty, mushroomy? This is my current NOTD, 2 coats, love it. I’ve said it a million times and I’ll say it again, love these grayed out mushroomy colors. I just can’t get enough.

OPI Yes… I Can-Can! is a shimmery eggplant type color. The base color seems similar to OPI Lincoln Park After Dark. The shimmer seems multi-colored, I see flashes of green, silver, and violet in the bottle. On the nail, it’s silvery and serves to give Yes… I Can-Can! depth. This swatch is 3 coats but with careful application good coverage is possible at 2 coats.

OPI Tickle My France-y is my second favorite color from this collection. It’s a grayed out subtle nude pink – it is chic and sophisticated perfection. Earlier last week, when I went back into the professional nail color purgatory, Tickle My France-y was the first color I chose for the big switch. This color was so beautiful, so flattering that I didn’t even care about being forced to wear professional colors. This mani was 3 coats.

OPI Parlez-vous OPI?, another stand out color, is a grayed-out (or smokey as OPI puts it) plum. The application was slightly troublesome, my bottle was chalky and thick but it’s workable. This is 2 coats.

OPI Louvre Me Lourve Me Not is my least favorite color from this collection. Sorry guys, I know I’m completely alone, everyone else loves this one. There’s nothing inherently wrong with this color but I have a predisposition to disliking shimmers and I’ve just had my fill of shimmery mid-range purples this fall. You can’t really see it in my image but Louvre Me Lourve Me Not has blurple and violet shimmer. This swatch is 3 coats.

OPI I’m Fondue of You is a reddish light chocolaty brown with reddish brown shimmer. I don’t love this one. It’s pretty but not special. This swatch is 2 coats, I think the color would look better with 3.

OPI Eiffel for this Color is an ‘almost black’. OPI says it’s wine but it looks dark purple with violet shimmer to me. It’s similar to Yes… I Can-Can! but they’re different enough to warrant owning both if one is so inclined to do so. Normally, I would say boo to an almost black but I, surprisingly, like this color. This swatch is 2 coats.

Scrangie called OPI Crepes Suzi-ette a ‘mom’ color… it is – but – it’s hot. I think this one ventures into the realm of work appropriate. I’m actually surprised that I like this color too. I probably wouldn’t have batted an eye at this creamy reddish caramel in a store, but it’s actually very flattering on the nail. I would even dare say that it’s unique. This swatch is 2 coats.

There will always be reds in an OPI collection, shockingly there were only two in the France Collection. One of which, OPI Bastille My Heart, is a deep burgandy with violet shimmer throughout. Pretty, but standard.

OPI Baguette Me Not, a creamy salmon, is another shocker. Totally didn’t expect to like this ‘mom’ (haha) color but I love it. Very chic, very work appropriate. This swatch is 2 coats.

OPI A Oui Bit of Red, the other red in the France Collection, is a mid-range bright red. I love reds and I would have loved this one too, but for the shimmer. The saving grace is that the fuschia shimmer is very subtle, hardly noticeable. This swatch is 2 coats.

Finally, OPI We’ll Always Have Paris. Love. It. This is the color that I wanted the annoyingly almost black OPI Lincoln Park After Dark to be. I love LPAD but I always wanted it to be more noticeably purple and vampy. OPI granted my wish with We’ll Always Have Paris. Strangely, OPI says this color is dark coffee… definitely looks dark reddish purple to me.

Special thanks to OPI.



  1. […] höstens bästa. Jag vill ha alla! Scrangie har swatches här och The Polish Addict visar swatches här. Även All Lacquered Up visar swatches, dom finns […]

  2. Sanna said,

    I totally agree with you! representative of French culture and fashion for sure! awesome really!
    And seriously, wap a dark coffee?, My coffee does NOT look like that *lol*
    as you said dark reddish purple is more right- and it’s so pretty!

  3. pretear said,

    I wish my coffee looked like that… but then again, I was totally amused when Heinz released purple and green ketchup. lol.

  4. Masa_inn said,

    I share your sentiment about Louvre. Meeeeeh :)

    It’s nice to know that OPI finally has admitted the existence of Nail Polish blogs. Congrats!

  5. Jessica said,

    would you call YDKJ work safe?
    i guess if im questioning it, i ought to save it for the weekend. or at least casual friday.

  6. pretear said,

    Masa – lol, I think we mostly have similar taste in polish.

    Jessica – Ah. That’s a tough one. I’m wearing it now for work and I think it’s ok for me. Only because I’m starting to get the feeling that no one at the SAO I’m working at now gives a crap. At a highly conservative office, it’s probably not appropriate. It’s not a very flashy color so I don’t think it’s something someone would notice right off the bat unless they were specifically looking at your nails for some reason. So while it doesn’t stand out as flashy, I wouldn’t wear it to say… a job interview.

  7. Steph said,

    I have four of these francies, and now I’ve seen Crepes Suzi-ette, I want it.

    Also Baguette is very similar to Lunch at the Delhi

  8. Sminkan said,

    I said I only wanted one when the collecton hit H2T, but of course I have five of them now… Still, the first one is the best one! You don’t know Jaques is a stunner! Yesterday I received Tickle my France-y and I am glad you like it so much since it was an impulsive act ordering it. It is not a typical Sminkan kind of color, but I hope it looks as good on me as it does on you.
    I had a great polish day yesterday! 18 new nail polihes and no idea which one to wear fist. I ended up with Misa Toxic Seduction, but can hardly wait to try all the others…

  9. Lady Slatternly said,

    In the design world, YDKJ would be called a “french gray,” so it really is quite an appropriate color! I almost think that the fact that warm grays would be in this fall, coupled with how this is sometimes called french gray, is how they came upon France for their region of choice this round.

  10. Amber said,

    I see Crepes Suzi-ette as more of an 80’s throwback. That’s the color that “career women of the 80’s” would wear. But maybe that’s how for some, it’s a “Mom color.” I think it’s charmingly retro.

  11. pretear said,

    Sminkan – I really love TMF-y a lot so I hope you like it too. Can’t wait to see your posts on these new acquisitions.

    Lady Slatternly – That makes sense and it’s good to know. : )

    Amber – I think you’re right about that although I wouldn’t know first hand since I wasn’t consciously self aware until the early 90s. (I’m a mid 80s baby. : P)

  12. Angel said,

    I just love PVO, YDKJ and TMF. I am with you in that I am loving these greyed out colors that are coming out. I just have PVO so far but the others will be mine. :)

  13. Alison said,

    I bought eiffel for this colour but when I tried it it was too much like LPAM. After seeing your swatches the shimmery purple I should have gone for is yes I can can! Oh well, I’m also kinda lemming parlez vous opi too! Very pretty

  14. Masa_inn said,

    Hey, you were right about a similar taste in polishes :) I got TMF in a swap and have been wearing it for 3 days now; and I don’t want to remove it.

    Should I get YDKJ?..

  15. pretear said,

    Angel – Major huge ditto. I don’t think I’ll ever get sick of them.

    Alison – Yes I Can Can is very similar to LPAD too – maybe slightly redder? PVO is definitely worth it.

    Masa – TMF is gorgeous – hands down. I decided to wear it to a very important job interview. I really like YDKJ so my answer is yes. I think it will take a little getting used to though, it’s like a subtle beauty.

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