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Please feel free to contact me about anything and everything that may come up, be it questions about nail polish, something you’ve read here, or to ask for permission to use something that I’ve posted on my blog.


MUA: EmpressStephanie

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  1. […] Posted in Uncategorized at 8:55 pm by pretear This message is, of course, not targeted to my loyal readers. But in the past week, I’ve had my images used on ebay twice and stolen by a Brazilian fashion blog which to add insult to injury also removed my watermarks and didn’t link back to my blog at all. It’s irritating because producing these pictures and writing these articles takes time and effort. I totally don’t mind if people use my work on their blogs, but as a common curtesy from one blogger to another, freaking link back to my site and let people know the source of the image. I would NEVER EVER use an a non-commercial image from another website, especially not a blog that is by definition someone’s hard work and intellectual property, without linking back to it. I can sort of excuse the slime on ebay that steal my images, I’ve come to expect that from those people, but I’m honestly really shocked and appalled that another blog would do something so inconsiderate. I’m Brazilian myself and The Polish Addict has a ton of international readers so the fact that the blog is from another country does not excuse what amounts to a base theft. This whole thing is pretty screwed up and I’m pretty angry about it. In response to these recent events I’ve put up a Licensing Agreement that governs the content of the Polish Addict as well as a page for my Contact Information. […]

  2. erika chemim said,

    where i can buy the crackele nail polish, please send me e-mail with the site . thank you have nice nighty

  3. Mary Jo said,

    Please can you tell me how I can but Adoree polish and Nubar. I am looking for the glitter colors. I tried some Adoree at the Las Vegas show but do not know how to order any. Thanks for your help.

  4. pretear said,

    Mary Jo – you can buy Nubar from and Adoree is available from : )

  5. Admirer said,

    Love your blog, a perfect combination of funny writing and beautiful pics. Man you have pretty nails!
    Would you consider posting larger photos? On a large screen the current pics are really small and its hard to get the feel of the color.
    Thanks and please keep posting as often as you do!

  6. pretear said,

    Thank you. : ) And I’ll try to adjust the size of my images.

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