July 1, 2008

Alternatives to Chanel Gold Fiction

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So I think it’s pretty obvious to everyone that the new big thing in nail polish is going to be the resurgence of metallics, golds, and silvers. For those of us who are prudent spenders and didn’t miss the trend the first time around, it might just mean digging a little deeper into our stashes. For the rest of us addicts, it probably means a lot of splurging next season. At least I know my own low-buy/no-buy tanked hardcore when I had a major lapse in judgment that resulted in the purchase Chanel Kaleidoscope (swatches soon to come). I rarely buy big ticket polishes. In fact, I only buy expensive polishes if the color is really really really really I-can’t-get-it-any-where-else-on-earth unique. To me, Chanel Kaleidoscope was unique enough to be worth 20 bucks.

Chanel Gold Fiction, however, not so much. Seriously – it’s just gold nail polish. Every single brand of nail polish on earth carries several gold polishes. Of course, I’m saying this without having seen it on my own nails, but based on the pictures I’ve seen and the limited flirting I did with it at the Chanel counter, I fail to see the justification for the exorbitant 30 bone price tag. I feel like Chanel is probably just testing the waters for the marketability of merchandise with artificially inflated prices. After all, Chanel is already notorious for creating artificial demand by making just about all their polishes limited edition.

In any case, I’m definitely not telling anyone not to buy it. Sometimes when you really want a polish, you just need to buckle and get it because there is danger in trying to find duplicates of expensive colors. It’s possible that ultimately you might end up spending more money trying to find the perfect cheap dupe than you would have spent had you just purchased the expensive polish you wanted to begin with. It’s a double edged sword, ladies, so take my advice with a grain of salt.

*But* in order to humor myself, here is my attempt to stick it to the man: my favorite golds from OPI’s Christmas past. These probably aren’t the best alternatives because both of these are discontinued but it is still possible to pick these up for reasonable prices, definitely a lot more reasonable than thirty dollars.

OPI I Get a Kick Out of Gold is just stunning, period. It has a foil-like quality to it with no visible brush strokes. I’d say it’s a bit more muted than a true gold. This swatch is 2 coats. If you can’t find this polish, try Lippmann Nefertiti.

This swatch is also 2 coats. I don’t have a side by side comparison but OPI Symphony in Gold looks pretty darn close to Chanel Gold Fiction, definitely 20 dollar price tag difference close. This is more of a yellow gold than a true gold but the brush strokes are nearly invisible. It’s also pretty darn stunning.


  1. Scrangie said,

    Ooh, you got Kaleidoscope! I ordered one because it looked so cool in the pictures. I hope it’s as awesome in real life! I’m not really much of a Chanel fan, but I had to have it. I want that yellow and purple one from Robertson, too. *sigh* Damn $20 polish.

    I Get A Kick Out Of Gold is one of the best golds ever. I think I saw someone describe it as the gold version of Rinse Charming and that’s exactly what it is!

  2. pretear said,

    I completely agree. And you won’t be disappointed by Kaleidoscope. It’s AMAZING. Really.

  3. Scrangie said,

    Yessss! *so excited*

  4. Ana said,

    I DON’T like golds, but, having said that, I Get A Kick Out Of Gold is beautiful…It is a gold for somebody who doesn’t like golds, hehe…It is funny to see colors I’d previously thought completely unsuitable (gray, orange, gold) become new lemmings for me when I see them on your nails (or Scrangie’s)…You are definitely breaking my np boundaries :D
    (There’s only one color I still think I would never-ever wear: yellow…hehe, let’s see how much that lasts…)
    Beautiful swatches as always,

  5. Sanna said,

    They both look gorgeous but I Get a Kick Out of Gold is amazing!

  6. pretear said,

    Ana : P I’m actually planning a yellow post really soon. Let’s see if we can get you to change your mind.

    Sanna – It really is a great color. *Sigh* OPI always does that, release awesome colors with their holiday collections as limited editions.

  7. Dave L said,

    I found a metallic that I really like, called “Loophole” by Essie. It’s a smooth, subtle shimmery silver that applies wonderfully and just looks great. Being a guy, I don’t wear it on my fingernails, but I do on my toes. My wife introduced me to it, and now I’m hooked!

  8. pretear said,

    Essie Loophole is one of my favorites too. I plan to post swatches soon. : )

  9. diann_co said,

    Wonder how a comparison to CD Gold Nugget would be?

  10. pretear said,

    Probably not close. CD GN looks more coppery/bronze-y to me. I plan to post some cheaper alternatives to that too. : )

  11. Steph said,

    Great swatches! I received my Chanel polishes a few days ago and your right on the money girl with symphony in gold. I don’t personally own this but, it looks dead on to me. You girls are going to die over Kaleidoscope, it’s truely gorgeous. Gold Nugget is completely different than Gold Fiction. It’s a light gold compared to the bronze gold like Dior’s. :)

  12. Shryh said,

    *sighs wistfully at the picture of I Get A Kick Out Of Gold*

  13. Sara said,

    Have you ever tried Jessica’s Palladium? It’s similar to the first OPI, but a bit lighter – subtle but super glam and glittery. I’m completely in love with Jessica, as I only just discovered it – so I’m tooting their horn everywhere, because the colours are soooo pretty, and good quality too. I know, I sound like an advert!

    I heard a rumour that darker, brassy gold shades are going to be big in the fall, and I can’t wait – that’s the thing with most gold nailpolishes, they’re gorgeous, but they don’t make a huge style statement as they’re so subtle.

  14. pretear said,

    Sara I’m so sorry it took me so long to get back to you – your comment somehow ended up in my spam folder. lol. I’ve been lemming a few Jessicas for a while but they aren’t easily accessible to me yet. And I agree about gold, but I think the darker ones are pretty noticeable. : )

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  16. I actually am comparing Laura Mercier 24 Karat to Gold Fiction in a post tomorrow, but I have to agree that Gold Fiction isn’t really worth the $30. Gasp, I can’t believe I spent that much for investigative np work. LOL

    Polish Addict, I linked your article to my post because you hit the nail on the head. OPI is much better value for your money if you’re going the precious metals route this fall.

  17. pretear said,

    Thank you and yes, I completely agree. The gimmick is just not worth the money. Btw, I’m adding you to my blogroll. : )

  18. […] Check out Polish Addict’s great review and other options here for a Chanel alternative. Submit this:del.icio.us Digg […]

  19. Likewise Pretear!! TY! Adding your blog to my blogroll as well…I just put my post up on today. You are a nail rock star and I will be visiting your board frequently :)

  20. Leanne said,

    so i really wanted chanel gold fiction but since it was 10 dollars more than their regular polishes i forced myself not to buy it. when i saw the i get a kick out of gold polish on here it looked gorgeous so i bought it off of ebay. however it doesnt look the same as it does on here :( its a lot more highlighter yellow.

  21. pretear said,

    Leanne – I’m not sure why your bottle looks highlighter yellow. I try really hard to make my swatches accurate but there are times when there are differences from bottle to bottle or from skin tone to skin tone that may affect the way a color looks. If you really hate it, I’m pretty sure it would be easy to swap on MUA. : ( I’m so sorry.

  22. Leanne said,

    Well I was wondering did you take the picture in the sunlight? Because I know that at least INDOORS mine looks a lot more yellow.

    Grr I wish I’d just given in for the Chanel lol.

  23. pretear said,

    Yea this is a sunlight, but at didn’t look particularly yellow on me indoors either. It might because I have darker skin so the yellow tone isn’t as pronounced? But I totally feel your pain, sometimes it’s not good to buy substitutes because you end up just wishing you had bought the original. lol.

  24. jessypr said,

    Hey! thanks for the advice and now I have an alternative to save some $$$$. But if I find the kaleidoscope Chanel nail polish in JCP or Macy’s here in Puerto Rico I do the sacrifice. I find this site accidentaly and I loved!

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