August 18, 2008

Color Discrepancies in the Essie Fall 2008 Collection

Posted in Essie tagged at 8:42 pm by pretear

There’s been a lot of discussion surrounding the differences between my swatches of the Essie 2008 Collection and Scrangie’s swatches. The differences can be attributed to discrepancies between the colors we each received.

Both of these bottles are labeled Essie Lacy Not Racy – as you can see the colors are completely different. Girls on MUA have reported seeing both shades in stores. Two colors existing under one name actually occurs fairly often, as does one color existing under different names. I’m *still* angry that my bottle of OPI Bubble Bath is pink, instead of off-white. I’m still hunting for the off-white Bubble Bath. *sigh*

The difference between the two Essie No Boundaries is amazing. These colors aren’t even in the same color family. People overwhelming prefer the darker plum version of No Boundaries to the pink version, that shouldn’t be shocking to anyone. According to Essie, the pink version is the official version of No Boundaries. The plum version was a pre-release sample color sent to salons and the press, it’s not the official version. Strangely, the Essie Website exhibits the two versions of No Boundaries, one on the main seasonal collection page, the other on the ‘shop now’ page. Not to hate on Essie but the decision to release the pink version as the official color seems to indicate, at least to me, that Essie isn’t too familiar with their consumer base. I haven’t spoken to one person that prefers the pink version to the plum version. As soon as I was made aware of the difference, I immediately knew that most people would prefer the plum version. I think Essie should consider releasing the plum version, perhaps under the different name.



  1. Melanie said,

    Okay, that is just ridiculous! I mean a little difference is one thing (and bad enough), but two different color families?! You gotta be kidding me!

    BUT, listen to this. Kind of a long story but it’s worth it I think. I ordered some Poshe Potion of Youth a few days ago and the sent me a little sample of their topcoat. I am a devoted Seche lover, so I never planned to actually use it. But it was handy when I did my next mani and I thought, why not? It worked very well, but was a lot like Seche Vite. Unfortunately, a little polish got knocked of my thumbnail the next day. I fixed the chip and added more Poshe topcoat. Just out of curiosity, I touched it a minute or so later to see how the dry time compared to SV. It WRINKLED, topcoat, new coat of polish, everything! I am horrified, and rushing to the bottle to see if another coat can do any good but knowing in my heart that the whole shebang will have to be removed and redone when to my surprise I noticed the coolest thing. THE FLIPPIN’ TOPCOAT REPAIRED ITSELF. As God is my witness, within thirty seconds you couldn’t see where the wrinkle had been AT ALL. And it had been pretty bad. I may just be makin’ a switch…

  2. Tabe-chan said,

    Jeez, thats quite bad aye. Do you know of any other colours of any brand like that? Id be interested to find out :D

  3. pretear said,

    Melanie – *gasp* :O It disappeared? *hears X-files music in the background* I’ve never tried Poshe because I’m a loyal Seche user – I’ve heard all the alleged benefits of Poshe before and have been unimpressed. This is the first time ever that I’ve been compelled to try Poshe.

    Tabe – Well I know OPI has a few (Bubble Bath, one of their older greens), and their subsidiary Nicole also does. Chelsea makes two versions of Psycho Green. There’s a bunch out there but I forget the names of the colors.

  4. jasmayer said,

    I noticed a L’Oreal one that was like that the other day – sorry I don’t remember the name – but they were labeled the same, and yes, the same line and everything, and one was a very distinct pink glitter, and the other was a very distinct lavender glitter polish. Even my husband could tell the difference, lol!

    On a happier note for me, I have the “purple” No Boundaries, and I love it! :)

  5. pretear said,

    Jasmayer – Yeay! Where’d you get it, in a store?

  6. Chrissy said,

    Oddly enough, I was just at Ulta today and I saw the Essie fall collection for the first time in person and I was like “Where the heck is that gorgeous purple color?” I thought I was crazy for seeing the pink version. What the heck?!

    It’s a good thing the Essie fall collection doesn’t really thrill me or I’d have been pissed if I couldn’t track it down. But seriously, these polish companies need to get their shit straight (pardon the language).

    Also, I didn’t know there was a pink OPI Bubble Bath. I only have the off-white one. Weird…

  7. Sanna said,

    This is so annoying!
    why? oh why? I want the plum version of No Boundaries!

  8. Jessica said,

    biggest scandal to hit the nail polish world in decades

  9. jasmayer said,

    I *think* I got it at Ulta, but I’m a nail polish opportunist, so I can’t remember for sure. I’m 99% sure I bought it “in person” though!

  10. Claire said,

    That sucks. I’ve never used Essie, and this just gives me more reasons not to. I’m really disappointed. I guess I’ll just be sticking to China Glaze and OPI this fall.

  11. pretear said,

    Chrissy -Ah I’m so jealous – I really want the off-white one. : (
    Sanna – I know, exactly.
    Jessica – LOL.
    Jasmayer – Well that’s good, at least there are some available to consumers out there somewhere.
    Claire – Well you know, I’m not actually angry about this. As a collector, to me a color is a color and I like both even though I like one more than the other. Essie is one of my favorite brands, this is annoying but I still love them. You should give them a shot some time. : )

  12. gymnastgirly said,

    Tabe – Nicole by OPI re-released a whole bunch of their polishes last year under old names. Turned out that the new versions under the old names were totally different than the earlier versions from years ago. OPI has done that with Tutti Frutti Tonga and Bubble Bath, and even a pink version of What’s Dune? has been spotted. It’s weird!

  13. Scrangie said,

    WTF, Essie? Releasing a hot pink for fall is a little weird, but doing it with two colors? Not awesome… although I do like the darker Lacy a lot better :D

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